Lookout Tower on Petrin - Prague's Eiffel Tower

Close night view Dominating Prague from the height of Petrin Hill, the Lookout (Observation) Tower is one of the things it would be a pity to miss if you are in Prague.

299 stairs to climb, about 1 hour of your time and 50 CZK is the price you have to pay in order to get on top of the 60 meters high tower on Petrin Hill.

What’s so special about it?

Well, on the first place its blue red colours at night make it look romantic and challenging for everyone who sees it from the Charles Bridge or from the Prague Castle.
On a clear winter day
On the second place, it offers one of the best views over Prague and its surroundings. They say that on a clear day one can see Czech highest peak, Snezka, situated 150 km away.

The last but not least reason I find relevant is that you have to work your way up with each of the 299 stairs you have to climb to get to the top :-)

For more pictures see Observation Tower on Petrin photo gallery.

Opening hours:

January – March Sa & Su 10 – 17
April daily 10 – 19
May – September daily 10 – 22
October daily 10 – 18
November – December Sa & Su 10 – 17

Entrance fee:

Adults 60 CZK
Children 3-15 years, students, retired 40 CZK
Families (2 adults+2 children) 60 CZK
Children 0-3 years 20 CZK

Last tickets are sold 30 minutes before closing

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