If you’re looking for a place to sit and watch the river flow, one of the great options is Zofin Island (officially called Slovansky ostrov) nearby the National Theatre. From all Prague islands is Zofin island probably the most popular and most famous. A nice palace on the island also called Zofin is the venue of many important cultural and social events, a nearby Manes exhibition hall attracts lovers of fine arts, many benches and narrow paths are popular by people of all generations and a children playground offers a lot of fun for the youngest ones.

Zofin island was created in the 18th century by a sediment under the weir. After big floods in 1784 it was hardened and planted with trees. When Vaclav Novotny bought the island in 1830, there used to be a spa (destroyed in 1928) and a dye house. Novotny built there a significant cultural centre and called the island in honour of Princess Sofie (Zofie in Czech), the mother of the emperor Frantisek Josef.

People used to go to the island to watch impressive fireworks or the reconstruction of the National Theatre. Men and women of higher class strolled on the insland, young couples had (and still have) their romantic meetings there.

The Zofin palace built in Neo-Renaissance style serves as a important cultural and social centre. The palace has hosted many balls and concerts. The most famous musicians that performed in Zofin palace are Ferenc Liszt, Hector Berlioz, Petr Iljic Cajkovskij, Richard Wagner, Antonin Dvorka or Bedrich Smetana.

How to get there:
You can walk from metro station Narodni (yellow line B) along Narodni street to the riverside or take trams no. 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23 to stop Narodni. Zofin Island is just opposite the National Theatre.

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