The Loreto - Santa Casa

Place of pilgrimage The Loreto (Loreta) was built during the 17th century (1626) at the order of Katerina of Lobkowicz, in the times of Ferdinand II, as part of the Catholic campaign to attract the Czechs back to Catholicism. Its construction followed the battle of the White Mountain, where the Czech Protestants were defected and the Catholics retook control over Prague.
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Never mind the reason for which Loreta was built, it became a renowned place of pilgrimage. Its impressive Baroque Bell Tower houses a carillon of not less than 30 bells cast in Amsterdam by Claudy Fremy in 1691. The Loreto bells have been playing on the hour since 15 August 1695, so if you happen to be there in time you can hear them play too.

The carillon can be used as a distinguished musical instrument, from where on special occasions famous musical fragments are played.

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