Prague Houses by Incomers, Imported Architecture

The Czech Metropolis has become after 1989 a favorite destination of architects abroad. Prague changed fast, the ugliest things got demolished and world architects were invited to enlighten the city. The most precious pieces are:

1.Dancing House
Can’t stress enough how good Dancing House is. The masterpiece of Vlado Milunic and Frank Ghery is indeed a jewel, accompanying a line from 19th century. When build, people were shocked, as this could very well have been the first innovative building after years of communist grayness.

2.Golden Angel
Smichov was traditionally an industrial quarter typical with its black-scale facades. When the factories went to the other world, Andel became one of the most rush crossroads in Prague, with business and shopping centre by Jena Nouvel.

3.Corso Karlin
Similar fate like Smichov found karlin factories as well. The Spanish Architect Ricardo Bofill built a quarter complex with a park called Corso Carlin, putting together administrative and housing and services, aiming to make it a place of meeting, which would live through day and night, with European nature.

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