Strolling in Celetna street..

Leading from the Old Town Square to the Powder Gate, this vivid and gently curving street is full of souvenir shops, small cafes and restaurants, all situated in picturesque buildings of various architectonic styles.

Celetna street is a part of the Royal Route – the coronation route of Czech kings that ends at Prague Castle. This street was named after plaited bread rolls that used to be baked there in the past. The street is decorated with many house signs that used to serve as a mark to tell the houses apart. During the day the street is full of life, at night it is lit by romantic gas lamps.

Famous houses in Celetna street

Probably the most famous building in Celetna street is House At The Black Madonna (no. 34) admired by many people for its cubist architecture. It was the first cubist building in Europe. Everything in the house in connected with cubism – from the permanent exhibition of Czech cubism to special „cubist“ cakes in the Grand Cafe Orient.

Houses Sixt House (no. 2) and At the Tree Kings (no. 3) are connected with the childhood and youth of the famous Prague writer in the world Franz Kafka. House At the Black Sun (no. 8) used to be the home for Mozart’s hostess in Prague Josepha Duskova.The Manhart House (no. 17) served as a Piarist College. It’s also where you can find Divadlo v Celetna (Theatre in Celetna). The Buquoy Palace (no. 20) is beautifully decorated building in Classicist style that is worth paying attention. Now it’s used by the Charles University. House At the Vulture (no. 22) used to be one of the many breweries in Prague. It has been used by the Charles University since the 18th century. The house At the Four Columns (no. 25) used to be the home and place of death of the significant philosopher and teologist Bernard Bolzano.

It doesn’t matter wheather you’re interested in architecture, history or you just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the place, walking in this lovely street in the centre of Prague is a must.

How to get there:
The closest metro station is yellow line B, station Namesti Republiky. Celetna street is situated just behind the arch of the Powder Tower. When walking from the Old Town Square, take the street to the right from the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn.

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