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Stromovka – a piece of nature in a bustling city

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Stromovka is a wonderful park not far from the city centre. It offers a piece of nature in a beautiful, but sometimes too crowded and busy city of Prague. A place where both Prague inhabitants and visitors can relax for a while, enjoying nature. This could be appreciated especially in those hot summer months, when staying in the city for a long time sometimes becomes too much annoying.

The park has quite significant name – Stromovka is a word, which is derived from “strom”, which means a tree in Czech language. There are plenty of trees, but there is also a lot of grass, and some pretty flowers are cultivated here as well. The park is pretty popular among Prague people, especially during weekends lots of people come here to do sports and relax. You can see here many in-line skaters and bikers; there are even special pathways for them. Also many runners and walkers come to enjoy the park, and obviously – dog walkers, as it’s the ideal place, where their pets can run a bit. And, on the list of visitors cannot be omitted families with kids, from those walking around with small babies in prams to those who has bigger kids, who are enjoying one of children’s playgrounds or bit of biking or inline-skating.

As Stromovka park is pretty big, it is obvious, that it is accessible from different places. And on both “main ends”, there are refreshments places, where you can get some beer, but also non-alcoholic drinks or some food. In one end, in Bubenec, it is quite a famous pub/restaurant Na Slamniku. On the other end, which is by Vystaviste-exhibiting area, there is also a place where can be bought drinks and some “fast-food”, it is only outdoors, but it should not matter that much during summer months and you also works as a “take-away”, so you can ask for beer or other drink in a plastic cap and enjoy it deeper in the park. But be aware, now there is a new law about drinking alcoholic beverages in public places in the Czech Republic, so if you want to take your drink away, better buy something non-alcoholic or be careful.

Prague Clementinum – the oldest meteorological measuring station in the Czech Republic

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klementinum repro National Library If you take a walk around the Old Town in Prague, you must visit Clementinum, especially its observatory. In 1752 the first regular meteorological measurement was initiated there and it has been continuing until now. 33 years of chosen weather characteristic measurement (temperature and air pressure) are unfortunately incomplete, because they were often done by estimation. So the year 1775 is considered as the beginning of comprehensive succession. “Mannheim clocks” functioned as regular temperature measurement, according to which weather behaviour was noted always at 7 am,7 pm and 9 pm. By the way, that is why an average temperature is nowadys counted as sum of temperatures of these hours – temperature at 9 pm is included twice and then divided by four.

Weather station Clementinum is the oldest weather observation considered unique in the whole Central Europe. Now, speaking of climate changes, they have proofs it happens, from more than 250-year old measurement successions. When we look at records of extreme temperatures since 1775, the conclusions are alarming. Since the year 2000 to 2006, 50 records in total were surpassed – the highest noticed temperatures till now.

In Clementinum there are two meteorological boxes – slat and iron-plate. The slat box measures temperature and air moisture on the first floor of north side of south annex. The iron-plate box is on the roof flat at east annex where a technical library is located. The amount of rainfalls and duration of sunshine is being noted every day by the help of an apparatus called heliograph.

In conclusion there are some chosen Clementinum’s characteristics: Clemntinum is situated in altitude 191 metres. The highest temperature which has ever been measured is +37,8 °C on 27th July 1983, the lowest temperature – 27,6 °C on 1st March 1785. The average temperature since 1971 to 2000 was 10,4 °C, what is 0,4 °C more than in 1961-1990. The average precipitation amount in 1971-2000 was 456,5 mm, so in comparison with years 1961-1990 it is about 13,2 mm more.

Information about whole Clementinum

Jewish Ghetto in Prague

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Jewish community has always created the important role in Prague’s history. They came to Prague in 960 AD and Prague became the most important Jewish cultural and religious center in Central Europe. Jews worked as merchants and they focused in important trade routes. Their community survived thousand years of natural disasters, pogroms, religious and social persecutions and many ways of injustice.

Now if you wanted to visit former Jewish Ghetto, you would be surprised. Instead of narrow, winding streets with little houses there is newly renovated area in pseudo-historic style and the Art Noveau style built in the first decade of the 20th century. Only the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Jewish Town Hall, and six Synagogues have remained unchanged. In 1994, the Jewish museum in Prague was founded as a non-state organization. Nowadays the Jewish Museum has one of the most extensive collections of Judaic art in the world, containing about 40,000 artifacts and round 100,000 books.

The Maisel Synagogue in Prague You can visit three tours. In the first tour is the Jewish quarter – interior tour, you can see sights including interiors: Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Museum and Ceremonial Hall. You will learn something new about Jewish history and heritage. This tour begins at 11 AM and at 2:30 PM. It lasts 2,5 hours, adults pay 550 CZK and students 450 CZK. Tours with interiors are not possible on Saturdays and during Jewish holidays.

Second tour is shorter. It is for visitors who have not enough time. You will see informative tour without interiors: Jewish Town, known first as the Old Ghetto, nowadays as Josefov. Old New Synagogue and Jewish Cemetery. You will learn something about one of the most famous Jewish and Renaissance legends – the story of Golem, a clay monster created by Rabbi Löw (Maharal). You will also visit the Prague Jewish writer Franz Kafka‘s house. This tour begins at 11 AM and at 2:30 PM. It lasts 1,5 hours, adults pay 300 CZK and students 250 CZK.

Third is Terezin memorial tour. It was 18th century military fortress which was turned by Nazis into the only concentration camp on Czech teritory during WWII. There more than 33,000 European Jews died. You will visit the Police Prison, the Museum of the Terezin Ghetto and Cemetery. Tour is organized every day except Mondays and Tuesdays, begins at 9:30 AM and lasts 5 hours. Adults pay 1,200 CZK, students pay 1,100 CZK. If you would like to visit Terezin, it is better to make reservation because of limited availability. Your tickets you can book on: +420 777 069 685.

Meeting point is on the left side of the Watch Tower – Astronomical Clock (the Horologe) on the Old Town Square. Your guide will be holding the White Umbrella and Jewish Ghetto sign. All tours are in English.

How many bridges are in Prague ?

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Prague's bridges Prague is called the city of hundred towers, but it could be called the city of hundred bridges as well. Our capital has many towers and is similarly proud of many bridges and boards. The authors of Prague Bridges Encyclopedia have counted more than three hundred of them. They lead not only over Vltava, but also over many other smaller rivers and brooks as Berounka, Botic or Rokytka. Some bridges must pass over field disparities including two well known Prague valleys – Nuselske and Prokopske. And the number of bridges is still increasing due to building-up the city circle.

The most famous bridge is undoubtedly the Charles bridge – the only connection between the both Vltava´s watersides for more than 450 years. This bridge has actually its own museum, where you can see the history of the Charles bridge and its predecessor Judita´s bridge. The second bridge over Vltava was the chain bridge of Franz Josef I.

With the railway development in 19th century came also blustering fabrication of railway bridges. The most beautiful and longest railway bridge is Negrelli´s viaduct. This more than one kilometre long stony bridge is coming from Karlin to Holesovice over the Stvanice island. His author, the Austrian engineer Alois Negrelli, has made the project of Suez canal as well. Thanks to the building of Prague railway bridge was Negrelli highhanded as the knight of Vltava and Labe river.

Other railway unique is so called “Prague Semmering“ which leads over the valley on two high pillars. But not only big and famous bridges have their sense. Small bridges over the Certovka on Mala Strana or steel foot bridge connecting the Prague Castle with Letna are also very pictorial. But the best known foot bridge in Prague is the one which was formerly leading over the fortification drain of old town walls. Its survivals are now decorating the underground station Mustek.

Charles Square in Prague

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Charles Square in Prague When Charles IV. started to build the New Town in Prague in 1348, he wanted to create a square that would be a dignified equivalent to the Old Town Square – the Charles Square (Karlovo namesti). This place was supposed to be the central place of the New Town. The Charles Square used to be the biggest square in Europe at that time, and it is still the largest square (4.63 ha) in Prague now.

The square got its present name at the 19th century, before that it was called the Cattle Market for large markets selling not only cattle, but also firewood, coal or pickled herrings. In the middle of the square used to stand a wooden tower in which coronation jewels were displayed once a year. In 1393 the tower was replaced by a chapel with a small cemetery. However, the chapel was destroyed in 1784… (read more).

Be there at full hour! (Part One)

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The Astronomical Clock While in Prague, you should pay attention to the time. Good timing is really crucial here. Every full hour something interesting is going on. There are special attractions that charm not only tourists but locals too. Among the best known are Astronomical Clock and Loretta. But there is more than that.

Every full hour, the Astronomical clock, which dates from the beginning of the 15th century, offers a little show. Parts of the Astronomical clock are set in motion – Twelve Apostles salute the viewers in a procession at the doorway above the clock, while other four figures, which are a bit harder to detect, move too.

The Loreto They are below the Apostles, two on each corner. They represent Death, Turk, Miser and Vanity. The Death is ringing the bell, the Turk is shaking his head, the Miser shaking his bag and Vanity looking at the mirror. At the end, a golden rooster situated almost at the top crows. The show ends with the sounds of chimes. It is really incredible if you consider how old the clock is!

Another great place where you should be at full hour is Loretta, located in Letenske namesti 7 not far from Prague Castle. Loretta is famous for its beautiful carillon melody that is played daily every full hour from 9 am to 6 pm. 27 bells are used. It is like from a fairytale! So when you are in the castle district, don’t forget to stop by. It is best reached from tram station Pohorelec (22, 23). But the bells are not the most valuable things there. It is the liturgical treasury, so-called Prague Sun, which is embellished with 6,222 diamonds!!! If you want to see it you must pay a fee. Open is daily, except for Mondays.

Romantic night-walk in streets of Prague

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Beautiful glints on the river Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in the very heart of Europe, is a truly romantic city that touches everybody’s heart. In fact, Prague is a synonym of romance for many people. Alongside Paris and Rome, Prague belongs to romantic destinations for special occasions such as marriage proposals, wedding ceremonies or honeymoons. That doesn’t mean that I want to force you into marriage! This article is not only for about-to-be-engaged couples or newlyweds. It is for all who love romantic walks. Whether you want to undertake this alone, with a good friend of yours or with your special someone, that is totally up to you.

Prague rates as one of the most beautiful cities in the world mostly because of its architecture and atmosphere. Prague is full of magical scenic views, historical sights, winding cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, old-fashioned street lamps, charming gardens and many other romantic places inviting everyone to enjoy it. It is really fortunate that Prague has managed to survive the destruction of both World Wars, as well as Nazi and Soviet occupation almost unhurt! So now the beauty of Prague is here for you to enjoy it! Let the allure of Prague enchant you and your loved one!

At night, Prague is even more romantic and beautiful than during the daylight! Do you doubt this? Do you thing it is not possible for Prague to be even lovelier than as it is now? Just wait till it gets dark and see!

Starting by the National Theatre, when it is dark out, I would fully recommend you to walk along the river Vltava towards the Charles Bridge. You will have the chance to marvel at illuminated Prague Castle together with the Charles Bridge. And believe me, at night it is even better! Have a look at the river how it glitters with all the lights! I love this sight!

Bridge Tower at night Continue slowly to the Charles Bridge and than across. Charles Bridge at night is with one world – wonderful! There is less people that during the day and that means you can fully enjoy the charm and spirit of Prague! It is really romantic and you get to see not just the magnificent view of Prague Castle itself, but the National Theatre, as well as St. Nicolas Cathedral and other bridges across the river Vltava! I would vote it the most romantic place in Prague, maybe even in the world!

And don’t forget the Old Town Square – which is a wonderful place as it is, but wait till you see it at night when all the lights are on! Here the pure romance begins! You so have to see the Prague Astronomical Clock, Church of St. Nicholas, Old Town Hall and Tynsky chram all lighten up! It is marvellous! Not to mention that it is not at all as crowded as during the day, so you have almost the whole square for yourself!

And final advice for the gentlemen – to create the perfect atmosphere, buy your lady a flower! In Prague florists, flowers are not expansive, and it will definitely impress every woman! Let those moments in Prague be unforgettable!

Beautiful autumn in Prague

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Prague Castle from the bank of the Vltava River in autumn Autumn can be very romantic. Together with spring it is said to be the most romantic time of the year. Provided that it is warm and sunny, of course! In this case there is nothing better than to have a nice outdoor walk. Then you can fully admire the beauty of changing leaves!

Autumn colors are among the best nature can create. Formerly green leaves turn into brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. In the Czech Republic, there are four seasons and thus you can admire this brightly colored autumn foliage even in Prague.

The National Theatre in the autumn sun Probably the best is to start the walk by the National Theater, crossing the Vltava River there by going over the bridge (called Legii). You will approach a hill called Petrin.

Vltava River with Petrin Hill above Petrin Hill is 318m (1043 feet) high. To reach the summit and the Observation Tower, also called Little Eiffel Tower, take the funicular up Petrin hill from Ujezd street in Mala Strana. Funicular is part of Prague’s public transportation so one ride costs you 20CZK. And it is worth it. You will have a nice view of Prague Castle on the way up. Alternatively, you can climb the hill. It may take you 30 minutes but I would recommend you to walk the way down and not up since the hill is fairly steep.

Petrin lookout tower in Prague When you are up, don’t forget to visit the Little Eiffel Tower offering panoramic views of Prague. On the way down you will be passing through gardens and apple orchard. It is a pleasant walk.

Prague best sightseeing tour

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Once a friend of mine from the Hospitality Club visited Prague. We was on a trip through Europe and he took the classical route: Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, etc. My job a as good friend living in Prague was to offer some tips about Prague, since I’ve been living here quite a long time and I keep telling everybody how fascinated I am about the place.

Well, said and done. You should have seen my face when after the first day of walking around Prague he said: “Well, ya, Prague is nice, I’ve had a look at it, but I guess I’ll get bored to death in the rest of the 3 days I have reserved for visiting it!”. “Nice?!?!”What do you mean…bored?!?!”I took it as a challenge and started to jot down an itinerary plan for the rest of his stay here. And believe me he couldn’t feel his feet at night when he went to bed exhausted from the day and night trip, nevertheless eager to start it all over again the next morning; or rather afternoon…
I guess the nice thing about Prague is that it has so many hills with wonderful parks and old towers and castles that you can’t possibly get bored of it. And if, hypothetically speaking, you would get bored, you can always pay a visit to the beautiful places around Prague.

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