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The first Outlet Center in Prague is now open!

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Outlet Center is at a place where branded fashion manufacturers or their agents sell exess stocks or collections of previous seasons.

These are genuine brand products sold by people who manufacture them so the level of guarantees is the same. To sale are the products which have not been sold in the full-price downtown stores so they are put in manufacturers’ shops in Outlet Center where you can buy them cheaper. Lower prices are found in the Outlet Center every day, not just during ‘Sale’ periods.

Originaly Outlet Centers started in US where, thanks to their popularity, spread to UK and then to Western Europe. And now they are coming to us, to Central Europe. Fashion Arena is the first Outlet Center in Prague and there is nowhere in the Czech Republic anything of that kind.

What you can find in Fashion Arena Outlet Center? Brands known on the Czech market, but also new brands which are in the Czech Republic for the first time. There are fashion for men and for women, leisure and sports cloths, luxury underwear, shoes and accessoires. They guarantee top quality brand name products at 30-70% off normal prices every day.

If you are tired while shopping you can eat in a food court or let the kids have a break in childrens play area.

And now where you can find Fashion Arena. It is situated at Prumyslova ulice – on the crossroad Sterboholska radiala, Prumyslova ulice and Jizni spojka. If you don‘t go by a car you can use free shuttle traffic from Depo Hostivar – the end of metro line A.

The adress of Fashion Arena is: Prumyslova ulice, Prague 10 – Sterboholy.

Second Christmas!

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Now it is the best time for Christmas shopping!! Believe me! Do you think I am crazy? I know that Christmas is long gone, and now in January it is not very typical to browse in stores to look for Christmas presents. However, it would be wise for you to celebrate Christmas one more time now in January since the prices are so convenient!!

Sales are everywhere now in Prague! The presents you bought for your loved ones just month ago are now being sold for half the price, sometimes even for less!! Isn’t it just unfair?! Maybe it would be worth trying to persuade your partner to celebrate Christmas few days after New Year’s Day, because that is when all the sales start.

Christmas sales are together with summer sales the biggest through out the year. It is more remarkable in Prague. And of course, the best reductions in prices take place here as well. Prague citizens love winter sales!

This year, winter sales are special because there has been so far no winter whatsoever. People just had no need to buy winter jackets or new sky. That is why businessmen want to get rid of their goods so much and the prices are so good now. So don’t waste your time anymore and buy yourself something for a good price!

Summer sales at the biggest mall in Prague

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Do you want to take a break from Prague sightseeing? Do you believe that shopping goes hand in hand with travelling? Do you wish to go somewhere where you can spend the day away without worrying about the weather forecast? The solution for you who answered yes to any of those questions is the shopping centre called Centrum Chodov.

It is without any doubt the biggest mall in Prague, even further in the Czech Republic. The best thing about it is that it is situated right next to the subway station Chodov (red line C), which means that you can’t get lost by any chance, seriously! The other great thing is that you can reach it in about 20 minutes from Prague’s centre when taking the tube.

I have to confess I am one of those happy visitors. I was there last Sunday. Since this summer has been exceptionally hot, I decided I need a new swimsuit. I planned on spending there no more than an hour considering I had one simple goal – to buy me a bathing suit. This was, however, not a simple task at all after I found out how many stores there are and that pretty much all of them have sales!!!

There are all my favourite brands plus much more at one spot. Any brand you can thing of is there. You name it, you got it. And they are all selling now with great discounts up to 70 per cent. Now tell me, how could I leave after only one hour? That is nearly impossible!

Centrum Chodov will offer you wide range of stores and services. On the area of 55.000 square meters you can browse in 210 shops, drink in Europe so popular coffee or tea and please your taste buds with a cake or two in 12 cafés, and appease hunger in 11 restaurants. There is a hypermarket as well.

And my swimsuit? I didn’t buy any, but this doesn’t mean I wasn’t successful. I ended up buying something else. The sales were so tempting that I bought myself clothes I do not really need, and forgot all about what I came here for. But the prices were so convenient I couldn’t leave it there! My swimsuit will have to wait.
So if you have a buying fever or just want to experience what I did, do not hesitate, since the summer sales won’t last too long, and come visit Centrum Chodov. You won’t leave emptyhanded, I do believe so. Moreover, if you go now, you will be leaving the mall with the thought not that you threw out more hard-earned-money, but rather that you saved some by shopping so advantageously.

And the most wanted information at last – the Centrum Chodov mall is open every day, shops from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m., the hypermarket from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m., and restaurants from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Enjoy it!

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