The first Outlet Center in Prague is now open!

Outlet Center is at a place where branded fashion manufacturers or their agents sell exess stocks or collections of previous seasons.

These are genuine brand products sold by people who manufacture them so the level of guarantees is the same. To sale are the products which have not been sold in the full-price downtown stores so they are put in manufacturers’ shops in Outlet Center where you can buy them cheaper. Lower prices are found in the Outlet Center every day, not just during ‘Sale’ periods.

Originaly Outlet Centers started in US where, thanks to their popularity, spread to UK and then to Western Europe. And now they are coming to us, to Central Europe. Fashion Arena is the first Outlet Center in Prague and there is nowhere in the Czech Republic anything of that kind.

What you can find in Fashion Arena Outlet Center? Brands known on the Czech market, but also new brands which are in the Czech Republic for the first time. There are fashion for men and for women, leisure and sports cloths, luxury underwear, shoes and accessoires. They guarantee top quality brand name products at 30-70% off normal prices every day.

If you are tired while shopping you can eat in a food court or let the kids have a break in childrens play area.

And now where you can find Fashion Arena. It is situated at Prumyslova ulice – on the crossroad Sterboholska radiala, Prumyslova ulice and Jizni spojka. If you don‘t go by a car you can use free shuttle traffic from Depo Hostivar – the end of metro line A.

The adress of Fashion Arena is: Prumyslova ulice, Prague 10 – Sterboholy.

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