Summer sales now on!

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To shop clothes and shoes in Prague is now even more pleasurable, as summer sales are now on. Probably almost anybody likes to get, at least from time to time, some new and lovely piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. And if you can save some money while buying that, the pleasure is usually even higher. Now you can get pieces of collections from spring/summer season 2008 with discounts which range from 50% to 70%.

In the most shops, sales just started recently, so they now have “just“ 50% discount, well… but to get the desired item for half price sounds good. And you still have quite wide range of choices. Or you can wait for bigger discounts, which usually enable you to get items with a 70% discount, but then the range is usually already quite limited as they (shop managers) are trying to sell most of the “rests”. But some stores already have those 70% discounts now, or they have a combination of 50% and 70% discounts, eventually together with other possibilities, as mere 30% or quite good 60% discounts and so on.

And as now there are summer holidays at schools as well as many people take their holiday at work and leave the city, and plus as the weather is pretty good now and there are other possibilities how to spend the leisure time outdoor and in a better way then with shopping, shops are not that crowded. Well, there are quite a lot of people in them but compared to shopping before Christmas… So you can quite enjoy strolling between hangers with beautiful clothies, trying them on without waiting too long in line or without waiting to long at cash desk. And enjoy the good feeling that now you can effort to buy more, because prices are lower. And there still will be many occasions where to wear the lovely new clothes or shoes this summer. Just don’t forget, there are other great things to do in amazing city of Prague then just shopping. Some tips where to go and what to do can be also found on this website.

Palladium: A Gigantic Shopping Mall on the Republic Square

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Supermarkets are already seen as small and uncomfortable, hypermarkets are spreading around the capital and the whole Republic, but their focus on certain goods makes them a limited source. What Prague center lacked was a large shopping center with different kinds of shops, cafés- at least in this big a form. It’s a question whether the gap was needed to be filled or not (I personally don’t think so), but the fact remains it was.

The façade doesn’t look bad, it’s quite modest, the only attention- drawing element being the rich red color. Otherwise its pseudo- historical stylization may not be too sensitive, but it is more competent than the Kotva mall on the same square. It doesn’t look pompous, so to say, which is not necessarily saying it’s good, mostly resembling a Lego castle, it just could have been much worse.

There are tens of restaurants and cafes, many fashion shops, game shops, toys. Below these, there is a large market where you find mainly groceries. It would take long to make a list.

It is by no means insufficient, the problem is that it may be too much. I think the inside feels better than the older Prague malls, where each floor is separated from the rest, here you feel like the space is mostly open and playfully, asymmetrically constructed. The drawback is that your senses are constantly facing so many impulses that the experience may turn exhausting. No doubt you find what you need and you find it quite fast, but you find it in a sea of loud, aggressive market strategies, lights, colors and people, crowds of them, forced into relatively narrow corridors.

My intention is neither to promote the mall nor to condemn it. I think it is exactly what you may expect it to be: in the good sense and the bad. If you like peace you better avoid it, if you enjoy similar facilities you’re not likely to be disappointed.

By the way, there was a minor fire in Palladium in February, forcing it to be closed down for three weeks. Luckily nobody was hurt. I don’t wish to be cruel, but I think the case pretty much shows the disadvantages of the strategy of aggregating dozens of businesses in one place- for if the place must be closed down, they all lose a lot of money.


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The New Year celebrations were of course pompous. The city centre was the major backdrop of the largest festivities. What I personally found more attractive than the city centre was the area beyond Hradcany. A place I recommend to any visitor.

There is a part called Vypich. It’s high above the city, though in some distance, reachable by tram. There is a large area of plain grass. I guess the area is protected by the city magistrate plans, otherwise there would already be a lot of buildings in the place. Following a path across Strahov to Petrin, you may enjoy impressive views over a major part of the city.

ladronka A park you’d be likely to walk through is called Ladronka. It is a park that is well taken care of, there are small sporting areas and the wide road is divided between a pedestrian part and one for cyclists. In the centre of the park there’s an old household of the same name. Its recent history is well known for Prague citizens. Originally a lodging facility, it was in the city’s hands since 1922 and since the 1950’s the object was generally neglected. An unused ruin, it was taken over by squatters in 1993. The situation was more or less tolerated until 2000, when the magistrates decided they actually do want to do something with the object. A private security team with police support literally kicked the squatters out.

The fact is that the squatters turned Ladronka into a centre of alternative culture, with dozens of exhibitions, concerts or performances taking place on the premises. On the other hand, they way they acquired the object was unlawful and it would have been a show of great open- mindedness had the magistrates left them alone. Seeing the object today doesn’t make it any simpler. It is no doubt very well reconstruced, the restaurant seems pleasant and there are also other facilities in the object, so it can hardly be said it was turned into something dull. But I personally can’t oversee a loss in the case: the centre today is nice, but it’s not an alternative to many other facilities of similar kind that you may find elsewhere. A chance to make a showcase of cooperation between the official power and those who are supposed to be uncontrollable was wasted.

Help to Fight Dishonest Taxi Drivers

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taxi A dark stain on a golden gown – that is probably the best description of the problem with taxi drivers in Prague. Although the situation is getting better, complaints about taxis in Prague, sadly, are not rare.

Tourists are, for many reasons, those who are mostly affected. Taxi drivers often misuse the fact that foreigners have no idea about the rates, plus they take for granted that tourists rather pay higher price instead of calling police. Unfortunately, their presumption is usually correct.

But it is to say that you can fight back – complain. If you don’t raise your voice, how can anybody help you? How can the officials do anything to stop it if they don’t hear you?

If you feel in any way that the taxi driver didn’t behave properly, or you thing the price was too high, note down the car’s registration number. It would be best to note down also the taxi serial number, driver’s name or company name. Try to remember as many details as possible. And don’t loose your receipt.

And when the taxi driver refuses to give you a receipt printed out by the taximeter – the receipt must never be made out by hand! – refuse to pay. He is obligated to give it to you. He should also add his signature and the start and destination point of your journey.

And where to complain? In Rytirska 10, not far from Wenceslas Square, they specialize for complaints about overcharging there. Open is every Monday and Wednesday till 5pm. But you can as well contact any policeman. You can complain about everything – driver’s conduct, bad conditions of the vehicle, overcharging etc.

The best would be, of course, to prevent the misfortune. Public transportation in Prague is among the best in the world and it is definitely cheaper than any taxi. But if you are in a need of a taxi, it is better to order one by phone, if possible. If not, try the “Fair Taxi Place”. If even this is not possible, then good luck!

This article is a second part of Taxis in Prague – Getting any better?

Experience Prague during the evening

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A beautiful historical city in the heart of Europe offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed after the sunset. You can enjoy your dinner in one of Prague’s fabulous restaurants, have a drink in a bar near the Old Town Square and spend the night dancing in a fancy club. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of Prague’s castle, National Theatre or Charles bridge while strolling in a historical district in Prague 1. An evening boat ride on Vltava river will become an unforgettable memory.

If you are into cultural life, Prague offers you a wide range of cultural events that are taking place in various theatres, movie theatres and concert halls. There are many theatres which provide its customers with great choice of performances such as operas, ballets, musicals or typical Czech plays. Black theatre is another popular form of evening amusement activity enjoyed especially by tourists. There are various black theatre scenes in the very centre of Prague.

Many local bands and international music stars choose Prague for the concerts. Prague is offering a wide spectrum of music played by bands in small pubs, cozy restaurants as well as large concerting halls. The most modern concert and event hall is called Sazka Arena. It was built in 2004 and since then many famous artists performed at this place. I will just mention few idols who did have a concert at this hall. Well-known names such as Shakira, David Guetta, Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode, Madonna and other world’s icons performed at Sazka Arena.

As you can see, Prague has many things on offer in the evening hours. Now you can start your Prague’s evening experience.

Aquadream – The Center of Water Rejoice

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Aquadream – The Center of Water Rejoice Aquapark Barrandov has a lot of ways for you to make sport or relax. For children there is a wading pool with a mini switchback and mini spouters. If you are courageous you can try the 115 metres long, red switchback. For those who have yet more courage there is the blue 62 metres long switchback, which you slip down on two-seat inflatable crafts. But if you only want to relax, try a whirlpool, massage jets and waterspouters. And when you are fed up with water, there are massage beds with massage air. For better swimmers there is wild river with artificial back flow. In the centre there you can also find a 25 metres long swimming pool.

Water temperature in the swimming pool is 27-28°C, in child’s swimming pool is 32°C, in wild river is 29°C and in a whirlpool is 33°C. Air temperature is 30 – 32°C.

Opennig hours:
Openning hours from 3.9.2007 – change is noted
9:00 – 22:00
9:00 – 11:30*
6:00 – 22:00
6:00 – 11:30*
6:00 – 22:00
6:00 – 11:30*
6:00 – 22:00
6:00 – 11:30*
6:00 – 22:00
6:00 – 11:30*
8:00 – 22:00

8:00 – 22:00

limited service – reduced entrance fees:

At the time of limited service, switchbacks, the part of the 25m swimming pool and waterspouters do not work. One lane in the 25m swimming pool, a whirlpool, wild river, a recreational pool, child’s pool, 4 steam chests, massage beds and a water club are in service. Entrance fees are modified in a price list.

Price list
Entrance fees from 3.9.2007
100 min.
adults 129 CZK (4,3 €)
students, pensioners, ZTP 89 CZK (2,9 €)
children under 15 years 89 CZK (2,9 €)

190 min.
adults 240 CZK (8 €)
students, pensioners 160 CZK (5,3 €)
children under 15 years 160 CZK (5,3 €)

children under 3 years free

At the time of limited service, price is for all visitors 79 CZK (2.6 €) for 90 minutes. Additional charge for every 15 minutes over is 20 CZK (0,6 €).

You also have possibility to buy an advantageous season – ticket: 1,000 CZK (33,3 €) discount 10% , 3,000 CZK (100 €) discount 15% , 5,000 CZK (166,6 €) discount 20%.

Adress of Aquadream Centre is: Sidliste Barrandov, Wassermanova ulice, Praha 5 -Hlubocepy. Telephone number is: +420 251 550 259.

Restaurant Mirage Blue
Restaurant Mirage Blue is located in the area of aquacentre on the first floor with view of the swimming pool and switchbacks. This restaurant is opened not only for visitors of aquacentre, but also for the general public. Restaurant Mirage Blue offers amount of dishes from world cuisine and wide selection of fish, meat specialities, pasta and salads. At midday you can chose lunch from midday menu.
In the restaurant it is possible to use free internet. There is wi-fi net and you can use your own computer or computers which are available in restaurant. It is also possible to charter this restaurant or the whole aquacentre for some company events. If you take interest in it call: +420 251 681 085 or write on:

Prague Food Festival 2007

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Have you ever eaten duck slices on ginger, Thai fish cake or smoked salmon with lentil? You can taste all that at the Prague Food Festival. It is the first public food festival where you can taste the best from 30 best chefs and cooks in the Czech republic. The festival is held in Museum Kampa Atrium & Exterier in Prague 1.

The programme is planned for three days – September 7, 8 and 9. And you will not definitely taste only Czech specialities! You can find here the real sushi or Brazilian meat on sword. The festival offers not only the gastronomic art, but also the best wines, beers, cocktails and cultural programme. You can taste all this for 350 crowns. The ticket is valid for one day and includes the entrance fee and the consummation in a value of 10 Grands – it means 250 CZK. You will be in a romantic park with a view of Vltava river and the Charles bridge. You’ll find yourself among artistic artifacts and unique exhibition of Andy Warhol.

These actions are very popular all over the world. It is a celebration of gastronomy, the art of chefs, food and drinks producers and also the art of architects, painters, musicians and designers which are contributing to the attraction of Prague.

The visitors will have the chance to taste the specialities of Czech, French, Japanese, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. These delicious food will be cooked by the restaurants which are placed in Top 100 according to the independent opinion poll called Grand Restaurant 2007. To these restaurants belong for example Ambiente, Café Imperial, Kogo, The Sushi Bar or La Provence. This nontraditional gourmet event will be accompanied by precisely chosen music.

3 in 1 with Troja card

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Troja chateau in Prague The city part Troja is away from the Prague centre offering a large amount of historical attractions and travel tips. But you can find here three objects, which are worth seeing during your stay in Prague. These are the Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and Troja Castle. You can spend a whole day visiting each of these places, but it is possible to merge all visits into one with Troja card. It is a join ticket for all three places during the whole season.

It is sold since April and its validity lasts till the end of September. You can buy it in cash boxes of all the three objects and also in the City Gallery of Prague. The entrance fees are naturally advantaged, you will pay much less for the card than for the three admissions individually. The entrance fee costs 200 CZK for adults, 100 CZK for children and 500 CZK for families with two children.

Let´s describe shortly the three objects you can visit. The Prague Zoo is the most frequented zoo in the Czech republic and welcomes more than one million visitors every year. It is situated on a 60 hectare area in a valley, which is geologically very interesting due to rocks, grass fields, woods and water sheets. Visitors can see here more than five thousand animals of 500 species.

Now we move from the animals to the flowers. Local Botanic Gardens are charming and full of aromas. They are located high above the city so you can find here many places with beautiful panoramas. It is possible to walk outside in the gardens or go into the tropic glasshouse Fata Morgana.

The last invitation of the triple card is the Troja castle. It is build in typical Czech Baroque style. Around the castle is a beautiful french garden. Inside the castle you can see a permanent exposition about the history of the building, then the collection of historical dog and horse paintings from the aristocratic mansions.

These three places are real aces and it is worth seeing each attraction separately in one day. The best way how to get there is by the bus no. 112 from the metro station Nadrazi Holesovice on line C.

Prague Zoo at night

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Prague Zoo offers night tours Have you ever been wondering how Zoo might look like at night? Ever wanted to see sleeping tigers and polar bears? Well, you have a great chance right now. Prague Zoo opens up for public at nights as well!! But hurry up, this special offer takes place in August only! So don’t miss it.

When I was little, I wondered whether animals sleep on their backs just like I do. And do they snore??? Those and many other questions that may bother you will be answered during the night visit in Prague Zoo. It is great since the Zoo seems to be all yours. There are no crowds so you can enjoy your visit at full.

You will be in a group of maximum 25 people. The visit takes 2 hours. It starts by the home of pandas. You will have the chance to see polar bears, kangaroos and famous Indonesian Jungle, which is a beautiful place for all kinds of monkeys, fish, turtles, birds as well as trees and flowers from Southeast Asia. Beyond orangutans, gibbons or macaques, you will have a great opportunity to see flying foxes or brush-tailed possums and other kinds of monkeys which are active at night. That is why a night visit is the best way how to see them.

The evening guided tours are every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 20:30, 21:00 and 21:30. Adults pay 160 CZK and children 80 CZK. However, a reservation is needed either by phone (296 112 230) or via e-mail (

And how to get there? From subway station Nadrazi Holesovice take bus number 112 to station Zoologicka zahrada. The bus is there in about 10 minutes. Don’t forget that at night the intervals of busses are not as good. After 20:00, the bus 112 has cca 20 minutes intervals.

Kofola tram in Prague

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Kofola tram in Malostranske namesti This tram is great fun! You can hear it long before you actually see it because fun music is played there quite loud. And when it approaches you may be surprised since Kofola tram is nothing like “normal” trams. It is so much better! Why?

Inside this tram you will feel like attending a party and not driving a tram. Great music is sweetening your trip through Prague while you enjoy Kofola drink for free! And you are not limited to one drink only. Oh no. When any of the young hostesses sees you with empty hands, she immediately brings you another Kofola. So I was given one right after I boarded, then when I finished my first drink, and when I was getting off I was offered another one.

This tram is special indeed. It has one wagon only. In the middle there is a bar. Yes, a real bar where Kofola is being tapped. Cool, right? Music is playing and there are even two plasma screens and cup holders in front of every seat! And this all is for free!!! You don’t pay for the drinks, not even for the ride. The only negative point is that this tram rides only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm to 7pm.

Kofola tram follows a special track but for the most part it drives as tram number 9 – through stations Andel (yellow line B), Ujezd, Narodni divadlo (National Theatre), Vaclavske namesti (Wenceslas Square). Inside the Kofola tram The intervals are also very special. You may wait for it on tram station Narodni divadlo (trams 6, 9, 10, 14, 17, 18, 22, 23). It will be there at around 13:45 when following the direction over bridge towards Andel, or at around 15:01 going the other way.

This tram may be hard to catch but when you see it, don’t hesitate and jump in. This special tram will ride through Prague only till August 18!

And what is Kofola? It is a carbonated soft drink produced in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its taste reminds you of Coca-Cola or Pepsi. And because “western” drinks were not available here in communist time, Kofola was a great substitute. But, maybe surprisingly, Kofola stays popular till today. It may be thanks to fresh ideas and creative advertisements. The Kofola tram being the best example of all.


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