Summer sales now on!

To shop clothes and shoes in Prague is now even more pleasurable, as summer sales are now on. Probably almost anybody likes to get, at least from time to time, some new and lovely piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. And if you can save some money while buying that, the pleasure is usually even higher. Now you can get pieces of collections from spring/summer season 2008 with discounts which range from 50% to 70%.

In the most shops, sales just started recently, so they now have “just“ 50% discount, well… but to get the desired item for half price sounds good. And you still have quite wide range of choices. Or you can wait for bigger discounts, which usually enable you to get items with a 70% discount, but then the range is usually already quite limited as they (shop managers) are trying to sell most of the “rests”. But some stores already have those 70% discounts now, or they have a combination of 50% and 70% discounts, eventually together with other possibilities, as mere 30% or quite good 60% discounts and so on.

And as now there are summer holidays at schools as well as many people take their holiday at work and leave the city, and plus as the weather is pretty good now and there are other possibilities how to spend the leisure time outdoor and in a better way then with shopping, shops are not that crowded. Well, there are quite a lot of people in them but compared to shopping before Christmas… So you can quite enjoy strolling between hangers with beautiful clothies, trying them on without waiting too long in line or without waiting to long at cash desk. And enjoy the good feeling that now you can effort to buy more, because prices are lower. And there still will be many occasions where to wear the lovely new clothes or shoes this summer. Just don’t forget, there are other great things to do in amazing city of Prague then just shopping. Some tips where to go and what to do can be also found on this website.

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