Langhans Palace – the place for photography lovers

If you are a fan of photography – whatever if as an active photography maker or better admirer of pictures taken by others or, which is the best, you like both – Langans Pallace is a place which you should not miss you are to stay in Prague for some longer time.

The Langans Palace is situated in Vodickova Street, just by the Svetozor Passage. You can easily get to Vodickova by Metro, it is on station Mustek, which is a crossroad of yellow and green line, the best way is to go to green line and then just follow the signs “Vodickova”. Another possibility is to take a tram or just to walk there, as it is in the city centre, very close to the middle part of famous Wenceslas Square.

The palace itself is also interesting architectonic as it is a beautiful building in a secession style which was lately reconstructed in an innovative way.

But finally, so what that good is situated here that is worth of visit? There is a big photographic shop called Centrum FotoSkoda. They sell various cameras here, both digital and classical and both brand new ones, bit older ones as well as used one (both classical and digital), and there is really wide range of items and staff is quite able to give you useful advices if you are looking for something. I myself bought here an old camera – famous Practica and I was pretty satisfied, both with the camera itself as with the help of stuff. But they obviously do not sell only cameras but also camera equipments, bags for cameras, films, different camera filters, paper for those who like to make their photos on their own and many other things like this, and they also have here books and magazines about photography, as well as postcards with photos of big photographers any many many other things related to photography you can thing of. But Centrum FotoSkoda is not only a shop, it is also a minilab – a place when you can let your pictures to be printed. And they can make them in a really wide range of formats, small, big, huge, panoramas… Both from classical films as well as digital photos. And if you need or just want to have your pictures fast, you can ask for an express services and have them in one hour, and it is not that much more expensive. They also offer services of an atelier, where they can make a pictures of you – for example for documents, but also bigger ones. But I have never tried this service, so cannot say how good are they in this. I like Centrum FotoSkoda, as they have pretty good range of both goods and services.

But in Langhans Palace, there is also a gallery, if you go through little court, you will see it. Called Langhans Gallery, sometimes presents really interesting photographs. Right now, there is an exhibition I am not afraid, showing pictures of South African Johannesburg. This exhibition is opened until 17th of August. More information about the gallery can be found here and more information about Centrum FotoSkoda as well as prices of some of their services here

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