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Sahara Café

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Do you enjoy going to restaurants? Do you enjoy having a cup of coffee with your friend? Do you like new, stylish and trendy environment? Do you like healthy and vegetarian meals? Do you want to experience a new different restaurant concept in Prague? Then Sahara Café is the right choice for you.

This place is an unusual, cozy and chill-out restaurant situated at Namesti Miru 6 in Praha 2. This nice restaurant is conveniently located near the centre at the metro stop Namesti Miru (line A). If you come to this restaurant after your busy day at work, you will immediately feel relaxed. While entering Sahara, you spot a Buddha statue that welcomes you. You will be seated in comfy sofas or nicely designed chairs with pillows. The soothing music will fulfill your senses and you will feel like you entered seaside restaurant at Ibiza. Sahara Café is definitely not a typical Prague’s restaurant, this café is a specifically well-designed concept that you will fall in love with. You will often want to come back and chill-out for a while. The service is not the best I have ever experienced. However, the quality of the service would be considered among better ones here in Prague. You can order from variety of meals including Arab dishes, salads, main courses and healthy meals. The quality of meals is outstanding for very good prices. There is a great variety of wines and cocktails offered to guests. However, wines are a bit pricey. Cocktails are tasty. You can not forget to visit the bathrooms downstairs which are rather specific too. Before you enter the bathroom, you will see big aquarium with nice little fish. In the bathroom, there are two big mirrors above the bathtubs. The mirrors are just so stylish. Therefore you have to experience Sahara bathroom as well.

You will be surprised how time passes fast in Sahara and suddenly you will have to leave this place and return from the fairy tale to regular busy life in Prague. But you will remember Sahara and you will stop by next time!

The best confectioner’s of Prague

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Confectioner´s is in Czech language called “cukrarna” The word “cukrarna” is derived from “cukr”, which means sugar and signifies a place, where you can sit down for a while and enjoy some delicious sweet cakes and pastries.

Something like a cafeteria but people come here primarily not for coffee but for sweets, which are not necessarily to be eaten there, but can be also wrapped and brought home. “Cukrarnas” are pretty popular in the Czech Republic and there are a lot of them. In the April issue of the magazine Apetit, dedicated to eating and cooking, were published the results of the contest they did – they tried to find the best “cukrarna” in the Czech Republic.

And they decided, that according to them, the best “cukrarna” of all Czech ones is in Prague. It is called Alchymista and is located in Jana Zajice Street, number 7, in Prauge district Letna, close to the Sparta stadium, which is on the tram stop Sparta (numbers 25, 26, 1, 8 and 15) and also in walk distance from metro station Hradcanska (green line). The Alchymista won the contest because of its lovely interior, cheerful staff, summer garden and the most importantly for its amazing cakes and delicious coffee. The best cake they offer is said to be the one, which is made of figs.

But there were also other two Prague “cukrarnas”, which made it into top 10. One of them is located in Na Pěšině Street nr. 40, Prague 8 and is on the list especially because of its delicious yolkey fried cakes – “věnečky”, which are one of the most popular Czech sweets. The second one in top ten is French Au Gourmand, which is not typical “cukrarna”, but is its chocolate cakes are lovely. And this one is located in the city center, in Dlouha Street.

But there are of course more and more confectioner´s in Prague, which are worth of visit. In the magazine, they recommended also Lemon café in Prague 6, Erhartova cukrarna in Prague 7 (in Milady Horakove Street, not far from Alchymista), which is in the newly reconstructed functionalist interior of 1930´s, as well as Nebeska cukrarna in Prague 5 and Sladka Monika in Vlkova Street Zizkov area in Prague 3. But there are many and many other nice confectioner´s in Prague, maybe you will discover the special one for you.

Cafe “Cas” quite near the Charles Bridge

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I donť know how about you, but when I am in a foreign country in a foreign city I am always curious about cafes, restaurants and pubs. But I always have to search for a long time until I find some of these places which I like. Now I can simplify your searching and recommend you one cosy and comfortable cafe.

Cafe Cas The cafe Cas (Cafe Time) is located not far from the Charles Bridge in the street Misenska 2 ( U Luzickeho seminare 15). This location is very advantageous when you are tired after a long way on the Charles Bridge with hands full of souvenirs and pictures with your portraits. Opening hours are every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Kind and amicable waitresses will offer the menu with different kinds of soft drinks, beer, wine, strong drinks, hot drinks, sweets and canapes. Prices are very low and you can feel history and memories in the air. Why? Because this bulding is history itself.

The house is from the beginning of 17 th century and is registered in municipal folders like Vysoky (High) or Pansky (Lord’s) House. It belonged to Waldstein family. The house has had many owners and had been many times broaden and rebuilt. You can also sit under a parasol inside the building where is a small garden. My friend who works there as a waitress told me that you can meet some artists from the Charles Bridge who relax there. So remember, the cafe Cas is waiting for your visit.

Heavenly Sweetshop or Devilish Bar?

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Those two places are fun! Because they are located right next to each other, you can choose whether you enter the heaven like sweetshop or the devilish bar. What suits you best? Only there YOU can make the decision if you will go to Heaven or Hell. Isn’t it great?

If you choose the Heavenly Sweetshop (Nebeska cukrarna in Czech), you must step up a few steps, while if you choose the Devilish Bar (Pekelny bar in Czech), you must descend, of course. The interiors of both places correspond perfectly with their names. I really like the whole idea!

In the Heavenly Sweetshop you will eat surrounded by white clouds and eating godlike sweets. I have great experiences with sundaes and tarts, which many people buy there as a take-away. The place is, however, rather small. This can be a problem if you want to go there as a group.

The Devilish Bar, on contrary, is pretty big and really scary. Since you are underground, the lighting is dull, walls are red and black, and chains are hanging everywhere. Their offer of cocktails is incredible. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted because everything sounded so good! In this bar they often have live DJ shows at night.

The Heavenly Sweetshop is open daily till 8 pm, which is a great time to move into the Devilish Bar next door. You will find both in the street Na Belidle 38, not far from the subway station Andel (yellow line B), trams 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20.

Are you hungry and love Chinese food? Try also one in Prague!

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Chinese food in Prague Peking Restaurant Chinese cuisine is representing one of the richest cuisines in the world. It comes from different regions of China and has become widespread in all parts of the world – you can find Chinese restaurants nearly in every country! It is known that Chinese cuisine made outside China differs significantly from the original, but less is known about it’s differences from country to country. So why not to try the Czech version in?

There is a Chinese restaurant in Prague where you can eat as much as you can for a fixed price, and the price is really convenient! Per person you pay only 120 CZK and you can eat from 11:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m. to one’s heart’s content! This special offer applies for workdays, that is Monday to Friday.

It is a help-yourself bar, what means that you see all the dishes. It is a really good idea, I think, because it’s easier to choose what you want to eat if you can actually see it and smell it. And in this restaurant you can choose from 10 warm dishes including soup, plus 2 salads. Offered are the most popular Chinese dishes such as Fried Chinese noodles with vegetables, Fried chicken wings, Chicken „Kung-pao“, Spring rolls and others.

The offer of this help-yourself bar is really wild and everyone who likes Chinese cuisine will find something he/she likes. And you can eat till your pants won’t fit anymore or, if you don’t like it, try something else since you are not limited at all.

And the other great thing about this help-yourself bar is that you don’t have to wait for the food to be made and served! It’s great when you are in a hurry. And you can buy it as a takeaway too.

This extraordinary Chinese restaurant is called Peking Restaurant and is situated in Prague centre at the very entrance to the subway station I. P. Pavlova (red line C). You can also take trams number 4, 6, 10, 16, 22 or 23. And in case you don’t find anything you like, which I think is quite impossible, there is, of course, a regular written menu where your taste buds will find what they are looking for.

Where to go to the party in Prague?

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Prague Aloha Wave Lounge After the sunset, it´s the time to explore another side of Prague. Prague is not only about the Castle, Charles Bridge, Krizik’s fountain, old churches and museums. It is a pulsuting city with entertainment for everyone.

If you find yourself near the Old Town Square, feeling thirsty and music-hungry, there is a great bar nearby that you have to visit! It´s furnished all in Hawaii style, which is great especially during those rainy days. Its wooden interior and dimmed lights give the place a warm and relaxed sense. It is really romantic too. The bar is called Aloha. Sounds great, doesn´t it?

Aloha Wave Lounge Prague Aloha Wave Lounge, as the full name reads, is a stylish café, restaurant and cocktail lounge, ranging from thirties to the sixties. The food there is really exotic, but so are the prices for it. Nevertheless, the drinks are for reasonable prices and I won´t exaggerate if I say they make the best cocktails there maybe in the whole Prague. And trust me, they offer a tuns of cocktails! Just to name some of them: Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Mojito, Caipirinha, Bloody Mary and so on.

After 10 p.m. there is either a live DJ or a band, and on the dance floor you can dance the night away! They play R’n’B, Pop, Rock, Latino and on Wednesdays and Saturdays they play 80s and 90s.

Above all, there is no entrance fee, which is great, and Happy Hours are from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Just one last thing – the address – it´s Dusni 11, Prague 1 (two blocks from Parizska street, 5 minutes walk from green subway station Staromestska).

Hanny Banny

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On Saturday evening we went out. That is me and my fiancée and his colleagues from work. We all went to Hanny Banny, quite a cozy pub close to Old Town Square, just a few steps from the underground station Staromestka (green line A). Thank God we had a reservation, otherwise it would have been impossible to find a chair.
I guess Hanny Banny might be cute, but it was so crowded that the trip to the toilet was really an adventure. If you manage somehow to forget about the almost unbreathable air (but that’s in almost every pub, right?) and you start enjoying the live music, the pleasant company of friends and the pretty cheep cocktails, Hanny Banny is a good choice after all.

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