Sahara Café

Do you enjoy going to restaurants? Do you enjoy having a cup of coffee with your friend? Do you like new, stylish and trendy environment? Do you like healthy and vegetarian meals? Do you want to experience a new different restaurant concept in Prague? Then Sahara Café is the right choice for you.

This place is an unusual, cozy and chill-out restaurant situated at Namesti Miru 6 in Praha 2. This nice restaurant is conveniently located near the centre at the metro stop Namesti Miru (line A). If you come to this restaurant after your busy day at work, you will immediately feel relaxed. While entering Sahara, you spot a Buddha statue that welcomes you. You will be seated in comfy sofas or nicely designed chairs with pillows. The soothing music will fulfill your senses and you will feel like you entered seaside restaurant at Ibiza. Sahara Café is definitely not a typical Prague’s restaurant, this café is a specifically well-designed concept that you will fall in love with. You will often want to come back and chill-out for a while. The service is not the best I have ever experienced. However, the quality of the service would be considered among better ones here in Prague. You can order from variety of meals including Arab dishes, salads, main courses and healthy meals. The quality of meals is outstanding for very good prices. There is a great variety of wines and cocktails offered to guests. However, wines are a bit pricey. Cocktails are tasty. You can not forget to visit the bathrooms downstairs which are rather specific too. Before you enter the bathroom, you will see big aquarium with nice little fish. In the bathroom, there are two big mirrors above the bathtubs. The mirrors are just so stylish. Therefore you have to experience Sahara bathroom as well.

You will be surprised how time passes fast in Sahara and suddenly you will have to leave this place and return from the fairy tale to regular busy life in Prague. But you will remember Sahara and you will stop by next time!

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