Taxis in Prague – Getting any better?

taxi prague Unfortunately for Prague, it is well known all around the world that local taxi drivers are not really honest. Especially if they see you are a tourist. Way too often they calculate that you don’t know the average pricing and they try to rip you off.

It is to say, however, that Prague has been fighting with dishonest taxi drivers. It is obvious that Prague taxi drivers are a scar on its reputation. The question is, though, who is winning the battle? So far, it looks that Prague might be successful at last.

A new strategy has been introduced not long time ago – the so called “Fair Taxi”. If you come across a place marked with a sign saying “Fair Place Taxi” with a dumb-up image, you can be certain that your ride will not be overpriced.

Will “Fair Taxi” help to change the bad reputation of Prague’s taxis? Only time will show if this campaign has been successful. Nevertheless, some tips still might be useful.

If you don’t see any “Fair Taxi” around, call some taxi agency. Try to avoid street cabs since they are more likely to overcharge your ride. If you can’t call, don’t get into a taxi that is parked right in front of some typically tourist area, e.g. airport, railway station, National Theater and so on. Walk a bit. The taxis parked a bit further are more likely to be fair to you.

If you stop a taxi, make sure it has a fair list printed on both front doors. Now, once inside, check if the rate on the taximeter corresponds with the fair list posted on the car doors. At the end of your little journey, every taxi driver has the duty to give you a receipt printed out by the taximeter. If the driver refuses to give it to you, refuse to pay for the ride.

Well, you can never be sure with the taxi drivers. My recommendation to you is to have your eyes open. Be cautious. If you follow those “rules” mentioned above, you should have no problems whatsoever. But still, if you do, you should know that there are means of how you can defend yourself. More in Help to Fight Dishonest Taxi Drivers.

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