Prague Taxi services - how to avoid being fooled

Well, they say that taxi service in Prague might be a bit tricky, especially if you use the services offered by a private taxi driver. Local police and authorities have been struggling for some time to rehabilitate the bad reputation of taxi service in Prague, and we can say that the situation is getting better and better. Nevertheless, the most common way of cheating tourists is extra charging, so whenever getting a taxicab, ask the driver in advance the approximative price of the ride and pay attention that the driver sets the taxi meter to zero when starting the car.

Despite the problems that sometimes occur, taxis remain the most comfortable way to travel and if you negotiate your journey in advance and take in mind the night extra charges you don’t have to worry about anything.

Taxi cabs are usually at your service anywhere in Prague in about 10-15 minutes after ordering (by phone or Internet).

Taxi maximum prices:

  • ride in the capital city 28 CKZ/km
  • boarding fee 40 CZK
  • waiting 6 CZK/min

Prices can be raised within a year.

Best Prague Taxi Companies

Here are some of the safe private taxi companies, you can call or have ordered at your hotel:

AAA Radiotaxi

Profi Taxi

  • phone: +420 844 700 800 or + 420 261 31 41 51

Dimo Taxi

  • phone: +420 220 51 33 55


  • phone: +420 272 731 848


  • phone. +420 777 666 333,
  • E-mail

City Taxi


CEDAZ – Airport Transfers

  • Phone: +420 220 114 296
  • Fax: +420 220 114 286

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