Prague public transport system

The public transport in Prague is well organized and efficient. Some say it’s the best organized public trasport system in the whole wide world. And to be sincere, I tend to believe them…

Prague traffic It perfectly covers even the furthest hidden corner of Prague almost non-stop. By “non-stop” we mean the fact that in Prague they have the so called “noční doprava” (night transport), that means buses and trams that run also during the night. The night transport system works in intervals of 15 minutes (around the centre) and 30 minutes or more (towards the suburbs of Prague).

At peak hours (that is from 7 am – 9 am and 4 pm – 6 pm) the number of public vehicles is increased, so there is no reason to be afraid of crowding. Maps of the public transport system can be found all over the city, especially in underground stations or in their vicinity.

Prague tram What make it so efficient is the transparency of the system. The timetable of every tram, bus and even subway train is posted at every station, so one knows exactly at what time to expect their ride. More useful than that I personally find the Internet interactive timetable, where all you have to do is to introduce the station you want to get at and the computer gives you all the best connections with time and transit points if needed. Problem is when you don’t know the name of the station where you need to get…

Another plus is also the fact that when on the means of transport (tube, tram, bus, funicular) you get to hear the name of the current station and of the next. The only thing to remember here is just that “příští zastávka”(pzheeshtee zastavka) is the Czech term for “next station”.

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