SMS Tickets for Public Transport in Prague

There is a fresh innovation in the Prague Public Transport. It is possible to buy your ticket simply by sending an SMS. You can find this service very useful when you are waiting on some bus or tram stop, where is no place to buy a ticket nearby. Or also when you catch your bus or tram at the last moment and have got no time to buy a ticket.

SMS mobile phone ticket
number 902 06 26
form DPT

Then you can simply send an SMS from your mobile phone, the number is 902 06 26. On the SMS must be written: „DPT“. And at most in two minutes (usually it takes only a few seconds), you should get your SMS ticket to your phone, so when you meet a controller, you would just show him your display. This ticket costs you 26 Czk, and is valid for 90 minutes in whole Prague. The ticket is transferable, the number is the same for an adult, child, or dog.

Also, in the case you accidentally delete your SMS ticket, you can get its duplicate by sending SMS „DPTA“ on the number 902 06 06, the cost of this duplicate ticket is 6 Czk.

It is an easy, modern and comfortable way, how to buy a traveling ticket, so save the number to your mobile. Just for case…

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