Harlem Gospel Choir in Prague State Opera

The world-famous gospel choir, cooperating with the biggest stars of the world of music is coming back to the Czech Republic after its great successful last year.

Tickets to the concert cost between 250 and 890 CZK (8,3 and 29,6 €) and are available at the box office of the Prague State Opera and also at the Ticketpro chain outlets.

Last year, Harlem Gospel Choir’s visit to the Czech Republic was something like a “trial run”. Gospel music has never had a tradition in this country and its music scene, so no one expected the choir to have such a success at the local audience. However enthusiasm and euforia which accompanied the whole Czech stage of the choir’s tour could not escape the attention of the Czech press and other media. All tickets were sold out for every tour’s stop and the choir performed something unexpected. The tour was hosted by churches and synagogues where this type of show has not been ordinary. But Czech music fans and those who were courious were excited. Many of them followed the tour along next stops to feel the atmosphere again and again. Gospel singing as performed by this most famous New York-based choir had a great success.

In 2007 they had a great success in Russia where people keenly applauded at number of concerts in Moscow. Their great success was for example three-month long completely sold out indoor arena tour of Germany and France with Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Harlem Gospel Choir has also a lot of fans from celebrities. For example: Bono Vox of U2, Diana Ross, Elton John and Donatella Versace.

Harlem Gospel Choir travels about the world and shares its joy of faith through its music and raises funds for children’s charities. The choir was established by Allen Bailey in 1986 and was formed from the best singers and musicians from various churches catering for the African American community in Harlem. Harlem Gospel Choir has been sharing for a long time the message of love, peace and harmony with thousands of people of different nations, environments, and cultures. It tries to make the world better with greater love and freedom. It wants to promote a better understanding of the African American culture through its dynamic performance. The topics of these songs have something in common – to connect people and nations together and revive some of these ideas.

Harlem Gospel Choir is comming to Prague on 1st November 2007 with their World Tour 2007 – God Bless The Children.

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