Help to Fight Dishonest Taxi Drivers

taxi A dark stain on a golden gown – that is probably the best description of the problem with taxi drivers in Prague. Although the situation is getting better, complaints about taxis in Prague, sadly, are not rare.

Tourists are, for many reasons, those who are mostly affected. Taxi drivers often misuse the fact that foreigners have no idea about the rates, plus they take for granted that tourists rather pay higher price instead of calling police. Unfortunately, their presumption is usually correct.

But it is to say that you can fight back – complain. If you don’t raise your voice, how can anybody help you? How can the officials do anything to stop it if they don’t hear you?

If you feel in any way that the taxi driver didn’t behave properly, or you thing the price was too high, note down the car’s registration number. It would be best to note down also the taxi serial number, driver’s name or company name. Try to remember as many details as possible. And don’t loose your receipt.

And when the taxi driver refuses to give you a receipt printed out by the taximeter – the receipt must never be made out by hand! – refuse to pay. He is obligated to give it to you. He should also add his signature and the start and destination point of your journey.

And where to complain? In Rytirska 10, not far from Wenceslas Square, they specialize for complaints about overcharging there. Open is every Monday and Wednesday till 5pm. But you can as well contact any policeman. You can complain about everything – driver’s conduct, bad conditions of the vehicle, overcharging etc.

The best would be, of course, to prevent the misfortune. Public transportation in Prague is among the best in the world and it is definitely cheaper than any taxi. But if you are in a need of a taxi, it is better to order one by phone, if possible. If not, try the “Fair Taxi Place”. If even this is not possible, then good luck!

This article is a second part of Taxis in Prague – Getting any better?

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  1. Ell said,

    Nov 28, 11:07 #

    You are right this topic is really actual. And it relates not only to Prague and unconscious foreigners but to us in our city or country. I face the problem of taxi dravers not once and always had no enough time to follow the tips you are talking about, or probably I didn’t know what to do. Thanks for your post.

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