Second Christmas!

Now it is the best time for Christmas shopping!! Believe me! Do you think I am crazy? I know that Christmas is long gone, and now in January it is not very typical to browse in stores to look for Christmas presents. However, it would be wise for you to celebrate Christmas one more time now in January since the prices are so convenient!!

Sales are everywhere now in Prague! The presents you bought for your loved ones just month ago are now being sold for half the price, sometimes even for less!! Isn’t it just unfair?! Maybe it would be worth trying to persuade your partner to celebrate Christmas few days after New Year’s Day, because that is when all the sales start.

Christmas sales are together with summer sales the biggest through out the year. It is more remarkable in Prague. And of course, the best reductions in prices take place here as well. Prague citizens love winter sales!

This year, winter sales are special because there has been so far no winter whatsoever. People just had no need to buy winter jackets or new sky. That is why businessmen want to get rid of their goods so much and the prices are so good now. So don’t waste your time anymore and buy yourself something for a good price!

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