Prague best sightseeing tour

Once a friend of mine from the Hospitality Club visited Prague. We was on a trip through Europe and he took the classical route: Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, etc. My job a as good friend living in Prague was to offer some tips about Prague, since I’ve been living here quite a long time and I keep telling everybody how fascinated I am about the place.

Well, said and done. You should have seen my face when after the first day of walking around Prague he said: “Well, ya, Prague is nice, I’ve had a look at it, but I guess I’ll get bored to death in the rest of the 3 days I have reserved for visiting it!”. “Nice?!?!”What do you mean…bored?!?!”I took it as a challenge and started to jot down an itinerary plan for the rest of his stay here. And believe me he couldn’t feel his feet at night when he went to bed exhausted from the day and night trip, nevertheless eager to start it all over again the next morning; or rather afternoon…
I guess the nice thing about Prague is that it has so many hills with wonderful parks and old towers and castles that you can’t possibly get bored of it. And if, hypothetically speaking, you would get bored, you can always pay a visit to the beautiful places around Prague.

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