Terezin Memorial

Another half a day trip would be to the town of Terezin, to the Memorial dedicated to the Nazi victims from the Second World War.

The Concentration Camp Terezin It was a tragic matter of history that made Terezin, originally a Fortress from the 18th century built by Emperor Joseph II to come into the highlights of history once more.
Its strategical position close to the German borders and its construction as a fortress on the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Eger, made it the perfect spot for the Nazis to build their biggest Concentration Camp in the Czech Republic.

Apart from the permanent exhibition tours through the former Jewish getto museum, the fortress and the crematorium, the Terezin Memorial hosts many actions and concerts related mainly with the history of Jews in the Czech Republic and the persecutions in the Nazi camps.

The Memorial is open all throughout the year (except 24-26 December and 1 January). Seniors, students, children and families benefit of discounts.

You can chose to buy a classical guided trip to Terezin or set for the road by yourself.

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