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Oasis in the middle of the city

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Frantiskanska Garden in the centre of Prague If you are tired of sightseeing and you don´t want to spend a break in a smoky restaurant and you don´t have time for a trip to the nature, you can go to the Frantiskanska garden. This green oasis is located in the heart of Prague, near the metro station Mustek. The garden has two entrances, one from the Mustek and the other from Jungmannovo square. If you step out of the underground at the station Mustek, you can visit the famous Prague arcade Svetozor. You can buy here various refreshment and take it away to the garden. You can find here well-known ice cream bar with various kinds of ice cream and fruit cocktails. So now when you are supplied enough with ice cream and hot dog, we can walk into the garden.

Its origin dates to the early medieval times. It was built in monastical gardens style and has the area of 0,6 ha. In the times of its rise mainly medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers were grown here.

The original character of the garden is now completely changed. The garden is connected with about two metres wide footpaths which are bordered by many seats. You can find here a couple of fountains with drinkable water where you can refresh in hot days. In the rear edge is a nice playground for children. The whole space of the garden is filled with well-built trees which are giving a pleasant shade. The green trees are completed with plenty of roses. When they are just blooming you feel like in the fairy tale about Sleeping Beauty.

The other interest of the garden is the stump of the oldest Prague tree – common yew. It is about 400 years old. The only disadvantage of the garden is a frequent visit rate and it is often very busy. Go there and you will find out why is it so!

The recovered glance of Hotel Imperial

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Hotel Imperial in Prague At the beginning of the twentieth century Prague got the reputation of a city where a cheap but high-level accommodation is available. There were located many luxurious hotels in big style there. To the most famous belonged Adria on Wenceslas Square, Alcron, Savoy, Palace and of course Imperial. Its rise dates to the times of the beginning of the World War I. The name Imperial prompts that it should not be anything provincial. The construction begun in 1914 and the fame followed very soon. Among the old times Prague VIPs has especially favoured this hotel – famous writer Franz Kafka and also genius music composer Leos Janacek.

The Hotel was during the so called First Republic storied mainly by the donuts war. Don´t worry that you are not reading correctly ! In the entering hall was lying a big dish of one day old donuts. These donuts could be used for throwing by every visitor, and the aim could be anything or anybody.

The Hotel was neglected during the communistic era but in 2005 the owners decided to renew the old glory. Roofs, interiors and fore side have been repaired, as well as the popular coffee house. But the original character of all interiors and exteriors have been preserved. At the entrance welcome you two lions, the ground floor is a unique mixture of wood, glass and marble. The coffee house is decorated by the ceramic mosaic in oriental style. You can´t find here the donuts on the floor any more, but you get it for free with buying a delicious coffee. The best way how to get to the Hotel is a short walk from the metro station Florenc on line B and C. It is situated in the well known street Na Porici.

Cafe “Cas” quite near the Charles Bridge

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I donť know how about you, but when I am in a foreign country in a foreign city I am always curious about cafes, restaurants and pubs. But I always have to search for a long time until I find some of these places which I like. Now I can simplify your searching and recommend you one cosy and comfortable cafe.

Cafe Cas The cafe Cas (Cafe Time) is located not far from the Charles Bridge in the street Misenska 2 ( U Luzickeho seminare 15). This location is very advantageous when you are tired after a long way on the Charles Bridge with hands full of souvenirs and pictures with your portraits. Opening hours are every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Kind and amicable waitresses will offer the menu with different kinds of soft drinks, beer, wine, strong drinks, hot drinks, sweets and canapes. Prices are very low and you can feel history and memories in the air. Why? Because this bulding is history itself.

The house is from the beginning of 17 th century and is registered in municipal folders like Vysoky (High) or Pansky (Lord’s) House. It belonged to Waldstein family. The house has had many owners and had been many times broaden and rebuilt. You can also sit under a parasol inside the building where is a small garden. My friend who works there as a waitress told me that you can meet some artists from the Charles Bridge who relax there. So remember, the cafe Cas is waiting for your visit.

3 in 1 with Troja card

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Troja chateau in Prague The city part Troja is away from the Prague centre offering a large amount of historical attractions and travel tips. But you can find here three objects, which are worth seeing during your stay in Prague. These are the Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and Troja Castle. You can spend a whole day visiting each of these places, but it is possible to merge all visits into one with Troja card. It is a join ticket for all three places during the whole season.

It is sold since April and its validity lasts till the end of September. You can buy it in cash boxes of all the three objects and also in the City Gallery of Prague. The entrance fees are naturally advantaged, you will pay much less for the card than for the three admissions individually. The entrance fee costs 200 CZK for adults, 100 CZK for children and 500 CZK for families with two children.

Let´s describe shortly the three objects you can visit. The Prague Zoo is the most frequented zoo in the Czech republic and welcomes more than one million visitors every year. It is situated on a 60 hectare area in a valley, which is geologically very interesting due to rocks, grass fields, woods and water sheets. Visitors can see here more than five thousand animals of 500 species.

Now we move from the animals to the flowers. Local Botanic Gardens are charming and full of aromas. They are located high above the city so you can find here many places with beautiful panoramas. It is possible to walk outside in the gardens or go into the tropic glasshouse Fata Morgana.

The last invitation of the triple card is the Troja castle. It is build in typical Czech Baroque style. Around the castle is a beautiful french garden. Inside the castle you can see a permanent exposition about the history of the building, then the collection of historical dog and horse paintings from the aristocratic mansions.

These three places are real aces and it is worth seeing each attraction separately in one day. The best way how to get there is by the bus no. 112 from the metro station Nadrazi Holesovice on line C.

The Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007

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What do you imagine when you hear the word Shakespeare? Yes, what a foolish question… Who would not know this storied English poet and playwright and his famous plays like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest and so on. In honour of this famous personality, The Summer Shakespeare Festival is just taking place in Prague and the showcase of theatre productions is being performed in the courtyard of the Burgrave Palace at the Prague Castle.

Originally this festival was initiated by President Vaclav Havel. In 1990, as the new elected president, he appealed to performers to open the Prague castle to public. In 1999 and 2000, President V. Havel granted the festival his personal support with his patronage. The Czech Republic’s current president Vaclav Klaus has also granted the festival with his support.

Due to huge public interest another stage was added and the performances can also be seen at the Lichtenstein Palace which is located on Lesser Town Square. For the eleventh time, this festival is presented under the open sky and it is a big cultural event in the Czech Republic. Do not forego famous Czech performers and personalities, attractive surroundings of Czech architectural sights and come to see this significant event.

Exhibition of Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe Don’t miss your chance to see the work of a world known artist Andy Warhol in Prague! His exhibition is held until October 21 in Museum Kampa, so hurry up.

Andy Warhol, a celebrated pop artist, doesn’t need to be introduced. His name and work is familiar even to those who do not like art and have nothing to do with it – just one great example for all – Campbell’s Soup Cans. Don’t you tell me you have never heard of it or haven’t seen it yet.

Museum Kampa – the Jan and Meda Mladek Foundation prepared this exhibition in cooperation with the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, USA. That is why you can see his famous paintings such as Warhol’s portraits of the Chinese Communist dictator Mao, or his lovely Marilyn Monroe.

This exhibition bears the title Disaster Relics. It shows prints by Warhol from the beginning of the sixties dealing with the theme of catastrophes. One of the most touching works is his portrait of Jackie Kennedy shortly before and after the assassination of her husband.

The Museum Kampa is located in a great spot – U Sovovych Mlynu 2, in the centre of the Kampa Island next to the Charles Bridge. Open is daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Mondays are free of charge. On other days you pay 120 CZK for adults and 60 CZK for students.

How beautiful human body can be…

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Photography made by Pavel Brunclik You see it every time you change your clothes, or when taking bath – naked human body – something we can see now almost on every TV channel and in every movie. But however outrageous it can be for some people, it is true that naked human body has inspired many artists for centuries – one example for all – Leonardo da Vinci.

It is to say that nude does not necessarily equal obscene. On the contrary, nudity can be portrayed very cleanly. And that is the case of a new exhibition in Manes gallery. It is called The Geometry of Nudity and we are talking here about pure artistic non-sexual nudity. It is truly wonderful.

The black and white pictures are from Czech photographer Pavel Brunclik. As models he had chosen ballet soloists from the National Theater in Prague. And he had chosen right. The effect is magical.

This exhibition is really eye-pleasing and I can recommend it for the whole family. Don’t worry, you will not see anything you don’t want to see. After seeing this exhibition you will feel like there is nothing as natural as nudity and that geometry is just as fascinating.

You will find Manes along the Vltava river in Masarykovo nabrezi 250. Take trams 17, 21 or bus 176, station Jiraskovo namesti. Open is daily except for Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm. This exhibition runs till July 31.

The Prague ZOO

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Bears in Prague ZOO When you are tired of sightseeing, when it´s hot and the city dust is cleaving on your body from all sides, if you desire to have a rest from crowds – then the ideal choice is to go to the Prague Zoo.

It is situated in Troja, a border city quarter, but it is well accessible from the center. From the underground station on route C – Nadrazi Holesovice, take a bus number 112, leaving many times per hour, but it is often very full. For the romantic souls there is another possibility how to reach the Zoo – by the steam boat leaving from the waterfront (Rasinovo nabrezi). If you have a sport spirit, take your bicycle. In front of the Zoo is a free parking zone for bicycles.

Girrafes Before we step into the world of wilderness, let me tell you couple of information. The Prague Zoo belongs to our most beautiful and biggest gardens, there were first visitors already in 1931. First inhabitant of the Zoo was the wolf Lotty. During the whole twentieth century new occupiers from animal kingdom were increasing. In 2002 a big disaster hit the garden – flash flood which washed down more than half of the garden. Thanks to sponsors and donators things are now working as they should.

Now lets meet the animal inhabitants of the Zoo. More than thousand mammals are sheltered here, as well as over 1300 birds and almost 800 reptiles. Then also fish, amphibians, shells and insects. It is not possible to write out all, come to see and you sure won´t be dissapointed.

Elephant If you still have a free space in your heart, and you don´t know how to fill it, try to adopt one animal for one year. You become adoptive parent and a label with your name will be placed next to the animal´s location.
Isn´t it attractive to be a mother of an elephant or a father of a leopard ?

You can launch out to the Zoo daily from 9 AM, during the summer it is opened till 7 PM. The entrance fee is 70 CZK for students and 100 CZK for adults. Children up to 3 years have a free entrance. In the Zoo is also a lift railway and a small train. These are both paid separately.

Jindrisska Tower

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Jindrisska Tower Gothic Jindrisska Tower (Jindrisska vez) is situated in Jindrisska street which has connected the three important Prague squares – Wenceslas Square, Charles Square and Senovazne Square – since the 14th century. Jindrisska Tower is 67.7 meters high, which makes it the highest separate belfry in Prague.

The tower itself was built in 1472 – 1475 beside the Church of St Henry and Cunigunde (Kostel sv. Jindricha a Kunhuty) and it has undergone several damages caused either by foreign military troops (such se Swedish troops in 1648) or by weather (a big storm broke the high Gothic roof in 1801). The tower clock was added in 1577… (read more)

Heavenly Sweetshop or Devilish Bar?

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Those two places are fun! Because they are located right next to each other, you can choose whether you enter the heaven like sweetshop or the devilish bar. What suits you best? Only there YOU can make the decision if you will go to Heaven or Hell. Isn’t it great?

If you choose the Heavenly Sweetshop (Nebeska cukrarna in Czech), you must step up a few steps, while if you choose the Devilish Bar (Pekelny bar in Czech), you must descend, of course. The interiors of both places correspond perfectly with their names. I really like the whole idea!

In the Heavenly Sweetshop you will eat surrounded by white clouds and eating godlike sweets. I have great experiences with sundaes and tarts, which many people buy there as a take-away. The place is, however, rather small. This can be a problem if you want to go there as a group.

The Devilish Bar, on contrary, is pretty big and really scary. Since you are underground, the lighting is dull, walls are red and black, and chains are hanging everywhere. Their offer of cocktails is incredible. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted because everything sounded so good! In this bar they often have live DJ shows at night.

The Heavenly Sweetshop is open daily till 8 pm, which is a great time to move into the Devilish Bar next door. You will find both in the street Na Belidle 38, not far from the subway station Andel (yellow line B), trams 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20.

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