How beautiful human body can be…

Photography made by Pavel Brunclik You see it every time you change your clothes, or when taking bath – naked human body – something we can see now almost on every TV channel and in every movie. But however outrageous it can be for some people, it is true that naked human body has inspired many artists for centuries – one example for all – Leonardo da Vinci.

It is to say that nude does not necessarily equal obscene. On the contrary, nudity can be portrayed very cleanly. And that is the case of a new exhibition in Manes gallery. It is called The Geometry of Nudity and we are talking here about pure artistic non-sexual nudity. It is truly wonderful.

The black and white pictures are from Czech photographer Pavel Brunclik. As models he had chosen ballet soloists from the National Theater in Prague. And he had chosen right. The effect is magical.

This exhibition is really eye-pleasing and I can recommend it for the whole family. Don’t worry, you will not see anything you don’t want to see. After seeing this exhibition you will feel like there is nothing as natural as nudity and that geometry is just as fascinating.

You will find Manes along the Vltava river in Masarykovo nabrezi 250. Take trams 17, 21 or bus 176, station Jiraskovo namesti. Open is daily except for Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm. This exhibition runs till July 31.

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