Exhibition of Chinese money

Chinese Renminbi You have now a great chance to see a traveling exhibition called Money of China. This exhibition was put together by the National Library of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Czech Republic. And it truly is interesting.

China has a long and fascinating history. For many people in Europe, China is a huge distant country with a communistic regime and population that is fairly big. Most recently, China has become the country with cheap labor force driving all European producers mad.

Anyway, this exhibition is about the history of money in China from the very beginning up to the present day. And it is to say that China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations so you will see some progress – from the shells, through money in shape of knives – neat idea, isn’t it? – through the coin money and paper money as we know them today.

In the exhibition there are English posters with brief history of every period. You will read about the problems with establishment of paper money, you will read about the unique status of Hong Kong, about the reforms that changed the planned economy into the market economy – yes it is really there! – and of course about the new versions of Renminbi, the official currency in China with its Yuan.

The exhibition is in the Klementinum Gallery, 1st floor. Klementinum itself is worth visiting so you can make two exhibitions at one time. ? It runs till August 26. Klementinum is in street Krizovnicka 190. Best accessible from the Charles Bridge.

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