Be careful in streets of Prague

Prague is among the most attractive destinations in Europe for tourists from all around the world. But this does not mean that everything in Prague is about tourism. Prague is not only the tourist destination but also political, economical and cultural center of the Czech Republic which means that it is full of cars and mad drivers.

Most tourists walk around Prague in nice “holiday pace” – there is no need to hurry. I totally support the idea. However, there are not enough pedestrian zones in Prague yet. And so unfortunately for the majority of us, especially for tourists, Prague is intersected by great deal of big roads. Many of them, sadly, are near the most frequented tourist areas. And what is more, Czech drivers are not really polite drivers. This can be a deadly combination…

I have seen a strange situation not long time ago – not far from the Old Town Square there was a group of foreign students (I know it because they all had cameras and drinks from one big fast food). They wanted to cross the street. It was impossible for them to cross when the red pedestrian light was displayed and so they waited for the green one. However, when the green was on, the group was too big and they walked very slowly so that only half of the group made it to the other side when the green was on. The second half continued crossing the road, still very slowly. What they did not expect was that Czech drivers started to toot and drive forward. Luckily, nothing bad happened.

Conclusion? Czech drivers like to drive fast. So be careful when crossing any street. First, never cross the street where there is no crosswalk. Not only it is hazardous but also illegal and you can pay fine if caught. Second, never cross the street when the “red boy” is shining, for the same reason as mentioned above. And lastly, even if you are on the crosswalk and the “green boy” is on, look about and make sure you can go.

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