U Bukanyra - Electro-music houseboat in Prague

Music club U Bukanyra, which could be translated as ‘At Buccaneers’ is a boat. House-boat, which became a house of electronic music. This boat drifts on the river Vltava sometimes, so it is better to look at the Internet to find out where it harbours right now, but it changes location very rarely.

The club relies at DJ production only, so no live bands. The main music styles there are house and Prague favorite drum’n’bass, and one has to admit it is nice to dance on kick drum on the boat which actually floats and swings in the waves. You can hear other styles there, though; minimal, trance, techno, jungle…

Parties take place inside of the boat. Behind the entrance there is a place where you can sit down on sofas and have a drink on a table, there are dj decks too. Next, there is the moderate sized dance floor (remember it is a boat) with a few tables and a bar. At the rear part there is the chillout. Prizes at bar there aren’t too high but they aren’t too low either.

You should get there through the bridge from embankment. In the summer season, the upper terrace is opened, offering bar, grill, 3 foosballs and a lot of place to sit. Also, there is regular 16 mm film projection. The boat isn’t too much decorated because ships have to be functional, but walls are covered by a wooden furring and there are classical ship decorations as an emergency ring and so on.. There is large aquarium too.

U Bucanyra houseboat is, thanks to its centre location in the centre of Prague, friendly atmosphere, quality soundsystem and free entry a quite sought for place for entertainment not only for many Czechs, but also for many foreign visitors of the capital city.

Address : Horejsi Nabrezi, under Palackeho Bridge, near botel Admiral, left side of the river, Smichov, Prague 5
Phone : +420 608 973 582
Web : http://www.bukanyr.cz

Opening time :
The Bar : Thu – Sat : 19 – 03
Terrace : Tue – Sun : 16 – 01

How to get there : Leave subway at Andel B station and get to the river – it is not too far, around 500 m. Then go down under the bridge, turn right and walk on the embankment.

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