Prostor Abaton

A huge fabric hall, now known as Palace Abaton, offers several bars and rooms with different music. If you feel like going partying the whole night in different pubs, you can go to just this one and change the rooms instead.

The thing palace Abaton impress at first sight is its huge space on the main events it hosts more than two thousand visitors. It is easy to fall in love with it who likes ‘underground’ electronic music.

The larger rooms give you bass vibrations in smoky environment with lighting show, while the smaller rooms host you with more intimate atmosphere, where you can try, how much Czech Lagers can you drink.

Many masters of broken beats as Layo & Bushwacka, Ed Rush, General Levy or States of Mind. The offer does not limit itself on breaks, often it resonates with guitar riffs, or black music beats.

Abaton’s prices are affordable, definitely it is good value for money. Unfortunately it is not in the very centre.

And remember; if you don’t know what to do with your Monday, you can go to Abaton for free, but the programme would the same as during paying days.

Na Košince 8, Prague 8
Phone: (+420) 296 330 980-2
Metro: Palmovka (line B)
Tram: 10, 15, 24, 25, 55 (stop: Stejskalova)

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