Batalion Music Pub

Batalion is a club/pub located in the downtown, near The Wenceslas Square. It is old club which was a rock club in the nineties and in the early new millenium, but there’s not too much live music production now. One or two bands per month, but i think that this place still rocks, because main kind of music which plays in the upper pub is hard rock – yes, the owner knows why to call it hard rock café. As i you certainly realized, this place is divided into two floors, into the pub and club as it is usual in Prague because of problems with noise disturbing people on the street before the club and disturbing sleeping old people in the building, where the club is. Back to the club. It is opened non-stop, so it is optimal place for tired rocker to rest with beer when sun is rising and night is fading away, leaving you with horrible headache. Next to the club is shop Krakatau with hard rock T-Shirts and ethnic instruments. There is a internet café in back parts of Batalion and there is some kind of gallery – or you could call it decorations, because it is gallery of one man only. Gallery of Mr. Ge Polo who makes serious art portraits of rock stars.

That’s a pity that live music production at the zero floor now bends before disco djs, but in history there were unforgettable concerts of world famous bands – like Kataklysm – because Batalion isn’t too large and the stage is in the centre of underground room with audience standing in circle around all band.

Prizes of drinks are not too high if you realize that it is in absolute city-centre.

Address: Batalion Music Pub, 28.rijna street 3, Praha 1

Phone: +420 220 107 148

Opening time: Nonstop

How to get there: Get out from Mustek subway station at the lowest side of Wenceslas Square

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