Café Na Pul Cesty

This is very special sort of club. It is primarily aimed on convalescence of people who suffered by schizophrenia. They are being returned into common life through working there as bartenders. So be patient to them if they’ll do any errors, they’re trying to do their best.

It is stand-alone building located in grassy park near Kavci Hory where are headquarters of Czech TV. The grass around challenges you to get a drink and sit or lie down on the ground. When the sun shines there are many peoples around … The building isn’t too large – small one level brick cottage with one room with bar, WC rooms and a kitchen. It is equipped with wooden furniture and tiling is made from wood too. There is one piano, try to ask at bar and they would let you play. Ordinarily there is only reproduced music, but every Thursday there is a live production. Bands which play there varies from blues and bigbeat (the most frequent kind of music) to post-hardcore. Because the pub is runt by Public Organization there is always free entry. The production usually starts at 20:00 and ends around the police hour, that means 22:00. But beware, the place is realy small so it could happen that you listened to the music from a terrace around the building.

Address: Café Na Pul Cesty, Central park Pankrac, Prague 4

Phone: +420 777 913 053

Opening time: Daily 11:00-23:00 (11am-11pm)

How to get there: Use bus 188, 193 from Pankrac and leave at first station. There you’ll see the park.

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