Kain Music Club

Kain rock club was found 1.6.2000, situated near Florenc station not too far from downtown. It is divided into two parts: on the first floor there is a rock pub with bar, food beer specials like really great pickled camembert cheese (czech speciality) and reproduced rock music permanently sounding from repros. There are two rooms in that pub, they are made of stone bricks and lacquered wood pillars. Wooden loft located in second room enlarges the space and makes you feel like in some medieval Irish pub. So makes you amount of whisky at bar too.

When you use stairs to get on the zero floor, you’ll meet a man who collects entrance fees if there is any production. The fee is usually small, between 50-100 czk. This underground part has its own bar that fills the first room and in the second room is video projection – usually projetion of some hard rock or metal concerts or videoclips -, with tables and chair and with a stage. This room is decorated with funny evil items as it is common in harder rock club. Unfortunately the room is long but very narrow and with too many tables, so when there is any production, then there isn’t much room to dance. Despite of few tables are removed in this case, people are standing in broad front to see the band instead of making classic wide crowd. But it hasn’t to bee too large defect on the face of Kain.

What bands play there? Usually hard rock bands, sometimes bigbeat/classic rock revivals, sometimes harder bands which play metal. There is no problem to hear even your favorite death or thrash or black metal bands if you are one of that kind. Bands are performing 6 times per week and you could meet many rock musicians there.

Address: Kain Club, Husitska 1, Praha 3 Zizkov

Opening time:

  • The Pub: 17:00-2:00 (5pm-2am)
  • The Club: 19:00-5:00 (7pm-5am)

How to get there: By bus 133 or 207 from subway station Florenc to station Tachovske Namesti – it is the first station.

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