Futurum Music Club

The “F” club served as peoples restaurant in The First Republic. In times of communist dictatorship it turned into underground bigbeat club. There played rock’n’roll bands till 60’. Futurum was alternately opened and closed, but tradition of rock concerts survived till The Velvet Revolution. It was hard to made rock concerts in that time, you know. Big beat was nearly prohibited because there acted many treasonous persons like in well known band Plastic People Of The Universe. In 90’ The F supported new bands and it was reconstructed in 1999. Now the club looks like interior of retro starship from 50’ B-science fiction movies – the mixture of original secession architecture and ideas coming from word ‘Futurum’. Very funny mixture i think – or aren’t pink-orange walls funny?

Futurum is quite large club for nearly 500 people, so there is a large bar copying longest wall next to the dance floor. At the other side behind huge pillars are futuristic lighting tables and in the first part of the club is a chillout room. The club is air-conditioned so don’t expect hell when there is held larger concert.

It is primarily rock club and because it is large there play large bands – large in fame of course, not a band with giant drummer and yeti guitarist – to fill large dance hall. Entrance fees depends on it so be prepared on everything.

There is 80’ & 90’ party every Friday and Saturday specialized at showing of old video-clips on large screen.

Address: Futurum Music Club, Zborovska 7, Prague 5

Phone: +420 257 328 571

Opening time: Daily 20:00–3:00 (8pm-3am), actions start around 21:00 (9pm).

How to get there: Leave subway at B station Andel and by tram travel at station Zborovska or Arbesovo Namesti.

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