Czech National Symphony Orchestra Concerts

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“Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” ~Victor Hugo

Czech National Symphony Orchestra was established in 1993 by a trumpet player Jan Hasenöhrl. The orchestra made its debut appearance on 10th November at the Dvorak Hall in Rudolfinum in Prague, with a conductor Vladimir Valek. The orchestra is made up of about eighty experienced musicians. The main founder of the orchestra is the legendary conductor Zdenek Kosler, who gave them his wide-ranging artistic knowledge. He also recorded CDs with them. The American Paul Freeman took over as a Chief Conductor in 1996 and currently he is the Music Director. Libor Pesek was appointed the conductor this year.

Orchestra’s recordings are on sale in the USA and Japan. They have had very successful tours in all over the world, for example in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Japan and Mexico. Orchestra has its own recording studio, which is located in Prague – Hostivar. Until nowadays they have obtained several Gold CDs for more than 30 000 copies sold and also have had several accolades. For instance Gustav Mahler Prize, the prestigious agreement with IMG Artists London and recording project with Tokyo media company Victor Entertainment. In recent years Czech National Symphony Orchestra has accompanied Andrea Bocelli on the tour of 30 European metropolises.

The 15th concert season starts on 18th October.

The first concert begins at 7:30pm and you can hear Marc-Antoine Charpentier – Te Deum, Preludium, Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerto for violin and oboe in D minor, BWV 1060 and Anton Bruckner – Symphony No. 4 in E flat major, the Romantic Symphony.

The second concert begins on 22nd November at 7:30pm and you can look forward to George Gershwin – Girl Crazy, Overture, Christopher Brubeck – “From The Blues To Beyond” for trumpet, trombone and orchestra (world premiere), Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings and Leonard Bernstein – West Side Story Symphonic Dances.

The third concert in this year begins on 22nd December at 7:30pm. You will hear Jiri Suchy & Jiri Slitr – A Walk Worthwhile, the concert performance of jazz opera.

All these concerts take place in Smetana’s Hall of The Municipal House. For more information about tickets look at the website

Wax Museum Prague

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Wax Museum Prague Who would not know the world famous and the most visited tourist attraction in London – Madame Tussauds wax museum? Maybe you will be surprised, but similar museums are also in the Czech Republic, two of them in Prague.

The first wax museum in Prague was opened in March 1997, and many of political and cultural personalities took part in the opening ceremony. Zdenek Kolcik had the plan that only Czech team formed of top sculptors, architects and designers should create the museum. His plan appeared successful.

Because of a great success with Czechs and also visitors from abroad, his team decided to realize more projects: Wax museum of Czech history in Mostecka street – there you can see historic personalities of the Czech Republic, interiors of the Old Town, interiors of Karlstejn, an alchemistic workroom from times of Rudolph II and Wax museum in Melantrichova street – there you can find personalities from cultural, political and sport life of 20th century.

In Melantrichova street the exposition is divided into three thematic sections: celebrities, a stand of dictators and a multimedia complex “Magic Prague”. It is so called optical kaleidoscope. It is a fantastic spectacle. The other museums are not in Prague – Wax museum of Czech history near Karlstejn castle and Wax museum in Cesky Krumlov.

Recently the collection of waxworks was enriched by Luis Armstrong, Bill Clinton, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Alfons Mucha, Bozena Nemcova, Bedrich Smetana, Antonin Dvorak, Ema Destinnova, Mick Jagger and Dalajlama.

Wax museum Prague in Mostecka street (Mostecka 18, Praha 5) is opened everyday from 9.00 to 19.00. Entrance fees are: for family (2 adults + max 2 children) 260 CZK, for adults 110 CZK, for pensioners, students and children 50 CZK.

Wax museum in Melantrichova street (Melantrichova 5, Praha 1) is opened everyday from 9.00 to 19.00 as well. Entrance fees are: for family (2 adults + max 2 children) 290 CZK, for adults 120 CZK, for pensioners, students and children 60 CZK.

Combined entrance fees for visit of both museums are for family (2 adults + max 2 children) 440 CZK, for adults 180 CZK, for pensioners, students and children 80 CZK.

Meet your star in Wax Museum

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Charles IV Do you dream about shaking your hand with genial physicist Albert Einstein? Do you want to see muscles of Albert Schwarzenegger or do you admire Lady Diana´s deep blue eyes? Believe me than you can meet them in Prague if you don´t mind they are little bit cold and waxy. If you long for high concentration of famous and important persons known world-wide then visiting the Museum of Wax Figurines would be the right thing for you.

In Prague you can find even two wax museums from the same owner, but the entrance fee is paid separately. The historic part is situated in Mostecka street leading directly from the end of the Charles bridge. In this historic exposition you can meet Charles IV, Jan Zizka, famous Czech character Svejk and many other persons of Czech history from the beginning until the end of twentieth century. You can see her also a replication of the interior of the most famous Czech castle Karlstein and an old alchemistical workroom. You will really feel like pulled into the atmosphere of old centuries.

If you are more attracted by contemporary society, go to see the second part of the museum near metro station Mustek. This exposition includes two parts, famous persons and dictators. You can meet her Diana, Mozart, Einstein, Salvator Dali, Masaryk and many others.

Both museums are opened daily from 9 AM till 7 PM. You have two possibilities how to get into the museum. The first is to pay the entrance or the second chance is to study and work hard and become so famous that you will be there forever and for free. But the first possibility is simpler and surer.

Collector Fair in Prague

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2001 stamp [] During September 14 and 16 the tenth international Collector Fair will be held at Prague´s Vystaviste. This fair is well known among other collector actions in Europe. You can find here mainly stamps, postcards, coins, telephone cards and also minerals and gemstones. This year 220 exhibitors from 35 countries will be presented. Philately will be strongly represented at the fair. Somebody could say that stamp collecting is mainly for old timers, but surveys say something else! Even in this modern times philately has its charm for many young people. And after every collectors’ event the number of them goes up.

Together with important Czech collectors and sellers also firms from Germany, Swiss, Austria, Argentina, Great Britain and many other countries will introduce themselves. Post offices have prepared especially for the fair occasional stamps and you will have the chance to have your letter marked with special rubber stamp. The small exhibition lent by British post museum in London will be also amazing.

The numismatics, which can be also a profitable investment, will offer a wide range of coins from ancient Greece to current gold facing. The coins collecting is increasing mainly due to implementing of Euro, because the collectors like to complete their collections with new coins from European union countries. The Czech numismatic society has prepared an interesting exhibition of Czech coins from medieval times till now.

Minerals and gemstones will be also widely represented. An amethyst geode from Brazil or desert rose from China will surely attract every visitor. You can buy here also necklaces, bracelets or medicinal stones from all fields in the world. The interesting supplement of this section will be the exhibition called Giants with new discoveries of minerals weighing over 70 kg. This fair is intended for public visitors and you won´t regret going there. To get there take a tram from metro station Nadrazi Holesovice on line C and then just dive into the world of stamps, coins and minerals.

Prague Autumn – International Music Festival

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This festival has been since its second year a festival of orchestral music. More and more orchestras from abroad appears here. In 1997 there were 14 concerts and since 1999 to nowadays there have been twenty two concerts. In this festival we can see orchestras from BBC, German orchestras like Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, and Berlin ensembles as well as orchestras based in other German cities, Russian symphony orchestras and choirs and world radio orchestras with the first visit in history by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Cologne Radio symphony Orchestra with its principal conductor Seymon Bychkov.

The festival is now in its seventeenth year. You can look forward to Czech music presented by orchestras from abroad and also choric scenes from lesser-known Russian operas from composers like Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Glinka, Musorgskij and Rimskij-Korsakov. One of the biggest world star conductor Valerij Gergijev comes back to festival.

The festival will take place in Prague Rudolfinum, it begins on 12 September and finishes on 1 October. You can get to Rudolfinum by metro A, it is “Staromestska” station, by trams number 17 and 18 and by bus number 133. Since 1 August you can buy the tickets in main box office in Rudolfinum. More information about the festival you can find here.

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence”.
~Leopold Stokowski

Paul van Dyk in T-Mobile Arena

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Paul van Dyk will perform in T-mobile arena in Prague If you like electronic music, great show, party and DJ and Producer Paul van Dyk, you have the unique opportunity to see his performance in T-Mobile Arena in Prague. When? On Friday, 14 September Paul Van Dyk will perform on the action called “In Between” Album Tour, in cooperation with United Music and Bohemian Recordings. You can see three hours lasting performance where he will show his skills and unique style in which he combines technologies of Serato Scratch Live and Ableton Live, complemented by playing the electronic keyboard.

Paul van Dyk was born in East Germany and grew up in communist East Berlin. He liked listening to the radio and discovered his passion for music. He wanted to find and create a different, more unique sound. In 1990‘s he played at various clubs in Berlin and in 1994 he released his first album 45 RPM. Currently he is the World’s No. 1 DJ and dominate the electronic music charts. He has sold over 3 million albums and in 2005 was nominated on Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album for his original album Reflections.

But he is not only DJ and Producer, he is also person who dedicated his life to politics and social justice. From his youth he has had children’s charity in India’s Mumbai and partnership scheme with the German Red Cross to help poor children in Berlin. He most recently received Berlin’s Medal of Honor for helping poor children in Berlin.

If you decided to eyewitness this famous person, donť hesitate and buy the tickets. On this action, you can also see Michael Burian, the Czech interpreter who will perform new label Bohemian recordings on which he is going to release his own Michael Burian DVD on March. Polish DJ and Producer Angelo Mike and Dutch DJ and Producer Pacific are the next guests. If you want to know something else about Paul van Dyk, look on his official websites

Devilish book is coming back to Prague

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The devil from the Devil's Bible A modern room with a safe built especially for this event will soon have a new tenant. A famous book called the Devil´s bible, known worldwide as Codex Gigas, the most precious treasure of Swedish national library is coming to Prague for a limited time . It will be exposed in Klementinum since September till January.

It is one the most valued books in the world and is sometimes called a library in the book. This unique manuscript with giant proportions and about 800 years old is coming back to Prague after more than three centuries. This exhibition is expected to be as much frequented as the exhibition of crown jewels which is held only rarely at Prague castle.

The visitors coming in small groups will have the chance to see the book only for ten minutes. The book will be guarded on the route very carefully, the value of the book is incalculable and its origin reaches to the 13th century. In the room watched by many cameras will be created a special climate favourable for this medieval hand writing. The book will be opened on a page with an illustration of small devil who gave the name to the book. The other parts of the book can visitors see as digital images.

The famous picture of devil has got to the book according to a legend – the devil helped the monk with writing. The monk wasn´t able to write the book on time so he devoted his soul to the devil. Historians say that the book is a product of one author. This author probably spend on writing about 20 years. The book includes the list of sins, magical incantatory formulas, calendar and many other interesting information.

The exhibition is starting on September 20 in Klementinum which is situated between the Old Town Square and the Charles bridge. The historic building of Klementinum, the former monastery is currently the seat of Czech national library.

The Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007

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What do you imagine when you hear the word Shakespeare? Yes, what a foolish question… Who would not know this storied English poet and playwright and his famous plays like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest and so on. In honour of this famous personality, The Summer Shakespeare Festival is just taking place in Prague and the showcase of theatre productions is being performed in the courtyard of the Burgrave Palace at the Prague Castle.

Originally this festival was initiated by President Vaclav Havel. In 1990, as the new elected president, he appealed to performers to open the Prague castle to public. In 1999 and 2000, President V. Havel granted the festival his personal support with his patronage. The Czech Republic’s current president Vaclav Klaus has also granted the festival with his support.

Due to huge public interest another stage was added and the performances can also be seen at the Lichtenstein Palace which is located on Lesser Town Square. For the eleventh time, this festival is presented under the open sky and it is a big cultural event in the Czech Republic. Do not forego famous Czech performers and personalities, attractive surroundings of Czech architectural sights and come to see this significant event.

Toys from textile in Prague's city centre

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Right next to the Charles Bridge, on the bank of the river Vltava where there is Prague Castle, is a lovely exhibition of fabric toys that is worth seeing. It is in a corner house on Drazickeho namesti. And because it is so close to the Charles Bridge, it may as well serve you well when there is another downpour, as it rains quite often these days in Prague.

This exhibition takes place only in summer. And this year, just like a year ago, the exhibition is held at the same building, although it offers rather small room.

The fabric toys are really cute. Very colorful and optimistic. I think they are designed for little children especially. And since any fabric things are easy to carry around, it might be a nice souvenir from Prague.

Last year, this exhibition was for free. There was a chance to buy any of the items which were presented. Whether this policy has stayed unchanged, I don’t know, but I believe so. Open is till 9 pm.

You can reach it by taking trams 12, 20, 22 or 23 to Malostranske namesti and walk toward the Charles Bridge and just before entering the bridge, turn left and there it is. The exhibition is open till the end of August.

Open Air Cinema Strelecky ostrov

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Summer is without any doubt my favorite season. I associate it with holidays, traveling, ice-creams, sun and fun, and also with open air cinemas. It is truly different experience to watch a movie under the starry sky and among trees. It is very romantic indeed.

However, I know it is not always so rosy, especially if it gets cold or starts to rain. But if you prepare yourself well, there is nothing to disturb you. So bring an extra sweater and visit Open Air Cinema Strelecky ostrov, because rain will trouble you here no more – they have a large tent which can be erected in case of unpleasant weather conditions. The only thing that can spoil everything is a lightning. On this account only, screening will be cancelled. But I don’t think any stormy weather is expected anytime soon.

Don’t worry if you can’t speak Czech. Czech films that are screened there are with English subtitles and English films are not dubbed but subtitled again. You can choose from variety of films. From Czech films (all with English subtitles) I recommend you Roming on August 11, or Sileni (Lunacy in English) on August 19.

For kids, or anybody who is interested, open air cinema screens also Shrek the Third on August 8, The Simpsons movie on August 25, Spiderman 3 on August 29, and Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix on August 31.

Of course there are much more films, one every night. So if those movies I mentioned don’t interest you, don’t hesitate to visit Strelecky island, and I am sure you will find something you would like to see. If not the films, then maybe concerts or theater performances, which are also held there, will please you. Not to mention that a bar is there for you as well, open until midnight.

The screening starts at 9 pm and the tickets are available one hour before the screening. The price is 100 CZK but there are discounts for students. The Open Air Cinema Strelecky ostrov runs till September 1.

Strelecky ostrov is one of the islands in the river Vltava. You will reach it by taking trams 6, 9, 12, 20, 22, 23 to station Ujezd, or trams 6, 9, 10, 14, 17, 18, 22, 23 to station Narodni divadlo. Walk towards the middle of the bridge where there is a stairway.

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