Meet your star in Wax Museum

Charles IV Do you dream about shaking your hand with genial physicist Albert Einstein? Do you want to see muscles of Albert Schwarzenegger or do you admire Lady Diana´s deep blue eyes? Believe me than you can meet them in Prague if you don´t mind they are little bit cold and waxy. If you long for high concentration of famous and important persons known world-wide then visiting the Museum of Wax Figurines would be the right thing for you.

In Prague you can find even two wax museums from the same owner, but the entrance fee is paid separately. The historic part is situated in Mostecka street leading directly from the end of the Charles bridge. In this historic exposition you can meet Charles IV, Jan Zizka, famous Czech character Svejk and many other persons of Czech history from the beginning until the end of twentieth century. You can see her also a replication of the interior of the most famous Czech castle Karlstein and an old alchemistical workroom. You will really feel like pulled into the atmosphere of old centuries.

If you are more attracted by contemporary society, go to see the second part of the museum near metro station Mustek. This exposition includes two parts, famous persons and dictators. You can meet her Diana, Mozart, Einstein, Salvator Dali, Masaryk and many others.

Both museums are opened daily from 9 AM till 7 PM. You have two possibilities how to get into the museum. The first is to pay the entrance or the second chance is to study and work hard and become so famous that you will be there forever and for free. But the first possibility is simpler and surer.

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