Dvorakova Praha - Festival of Classical Music - Dvorak's Prague

Prague will have a new festival of Classical Music. The international display Dvorakova Praha or New world among festivals starts in Prague Rudolfinum 16th August and continues until 4th September. Festival intendant is Vladimir Darjanin. In three weeks the organizers want to make 15 concerts, from that nine orchestral ones, three chamber and three recitals – lyric, violin and piano.

The programme offers pieces of Antonin Dvorak in wider scale, but also favorite pieces of e.g. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy, Dimirtij Sostakovicz, Petr Iljic Cajkovski, Leos Janacek and also W.A. Mozart. The opening concert will be taken care of by Czech Philharmonic, which will, under the baton of Austria-Romanian conductor Ion Martin, play Dvoraks’ From the New World.

The solo players will include a pianist Ivan Moravec in Shuman’s Piano concert. To participate have also agreed violoncellist Jiri Barta, Switzerland conductor Charles Dutoit, German sopranist Charles Dutoit.

The pieces of A. Dvorak (8. 9. 1841 – 1. 5. 1904) got, during his life, into programmes of renowned orchestras and concert halls of Europe, America and Australia, Dvorak felt to be a Czech during his greatest fame.

He returned to Prague from his numerous, successful world trips, he actively worked in important institutions, such as conservatory or Czech academy of sciences, language and arts, and he was also there when Czech Philharmonic started to form for its first concert in 1896, which he conducted.

The theme of the festival is to propagate the creations and life of A. Dvorak in Prague. The other motivation of festival creators is to make Prague even greater phenomena for world artists to come to Prague to play phenomenal pieces of A. Dvorak.

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