World Renowned Festivals Of Prague and The Czech Republic

Prague is a city that can surprise by its pulsing life, festivals that take place every month can be small or big, some are fun, some serious… take a look at the list, maybe you find something that you will enjoy…

International Festival of film, Television and Video – new works by international film-makers, shown throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia

January to February
Bohemian Carnevale

February to October
International Jazz Festival

Musica Ecumencia
International Festival of Spiritual Music, in major venues around the city

Mid-April and October
Musica Sacra Praga
Festival of Sacred Music, in various concert halls and churches

Festival of Chamber Music
Czech Composers, at Bertramka

May to June
Prague Spring International Music Festival

Jam Rock Festival
at Autokemp Dzban camp site
Tanec Praha International Festival of Modern Dance

June to July
Open-Air Opera Festival
Various venues, such as Wallenstein Church

July to August
Prague Folk Festival
At the theatre of the City Library

August to September
Verdi Festival Verdi’s works, at the state Opera House

Prague Autumn
International music festival, mainly at Rudolfinum
Svatovaclavske Slavnosti
St. Wenceslas Festival of spiritual art (music, painting, sculpture)

Mozart v Praze
Mozart Festival, at Bertramka ond other major venues around the town; runs for most of the month
Lucerna Iternational Jazz Festival

October to November
Musica Iudaica
Festival of Jewish Music, especially the composers of Terezin at various venues

International Jazz Festival in Prague

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