Mystic Sk8 Cup in Prague

Mystic Sk8 Cup is an event linked to the World Cup Skateboarding. Mystic Sk8 Cup traditionally belongs to the most favorite holiday events in Prague.

The world best riders compete in three disciplines – streetstyle, vert and bowl for the every-year increasing main prize (in 2008 of 50 000 $). The bowl discipline is new here, and very attractive, as the bowl park was designed by legendary characters of Skateboarding Dave Duncan a Brian Patch.

Every year, about 10.000 people come to form the unique audience they know what is going on in the skate world, so an integral part of the event are spectators and supporters, both local and from all over the world, who thanks to their perfect understanding of skateboarding create the unique atmosphere. The atmosphere is also because the world comes to Prague just for them – over 200 professional riders from 25 countries, including the world top from the USA, Brazil, Australia and Europe.

There are of course also workshops, and a lot of good music.

Every year, the organizers are building a new skatepark according to the current trends, so the riders would be motivated to performances that extend the limits of skateboarding, but also to have a more impartial contest.

The contest is also open to girls, who will compete for $2.500 in the streetstyle contest and in vert and bowl exhibitions.

The streetstyle course including spectator seating are covered by a huge mobile roofing system and since last year, thanks to support of the City of Prague and the mayor Pavel Bem.

Event: Mystic Sk8 Cup in Prague
Venue: Stvanice Island
When: It usually takes place the first Friday to Sunday in July

Tickets: 290/day, 590/3days at Ticketpro in 2008

On Saturday and Sunday, the event will be broadcasted live on-line on the official webpage, where you can find further information including schedules and ticket sales.

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