Sazava Fest

Big summer open-air festival

We have the chance to watch the festival grow, as it developed from one day event in 2001, where was only one stage and much more genuine cast, from a festival for 1800, Sazava Fest became a respectable festival for more than 20 000, going for four days on six stages.

The Festival became a sought-after place, attracting bigger crowds and stars every year. For the promoters it became a challenge, as they now have to take care about the second biggest festival in the Czech Republic.

The Festival’s dramaturgy focus definitely lies on the idea of a multicultural festival. The dominant role belongs to music, various and multi-genre music, produced by groups live.

MULTICULTURAL: music, theatre, film, author’s reading, photo and art exhibitions e.g.
MULTIGENRES: world music, rock, pop, reggae, ska, jazz, blues, dance, hip hop

The organizers claim to bring some best groups from the home scene, together with world groups. At this place it would be fair to say that the names in earlier years of the festival weren’t anything special, but the last year brought some real stars. Not only from the mainstream, but also some quality alternative bands as well.

Festival necessities, especially those hygiene and security ones, are promised to be taken care of. About 120 ToiToi bathrooms + those ad special Kotex bathrooms for ladies were present in 2008. It was necessary to dug special wells at the place, so those 60 taps would have their water supply. Now an advice for a person who has been there – take enough bottles of drinkable water with you.

The camp site is free, so feel free to build your tent there, with security members and systems patrolling your stuff. If you prefer not to leave your precious belongings in the tent or in the car, just use those non-stop safetyboxes there.

Concerning the drinks – the beer there is Krusovice 11° Musketyr for 30 czk, 12° Heineken 35 czk, if you are more into vine, a cup of common wine is 30 czk, however there is also a whole wine centre, where you can buy much better one.

Food list – there is traditionally good distribution of food, some sausages and grilled chicken, but also Hare-Krisna vegan food and international kiosks, like Mexican cuisine.

The additional programme consists mainly of the ‘Adrenalin zone’ with possibilities of spending time by climbing or airbrush tattoo, and many other dangerous things.

For those who prefer to have the Internet everyday, an Internet café is there in the Bubble Zone, where you can also charge your mobile.

The organizers do not recommend to take dogs into the area, they won’t be allowed in. f there is no other choice they can be placed in dog’s shelter, however they have got limited space there.

Location – Kacov, CR
Date – 31.7 to 2.8 (in 2008)

990.- czk – three days
550.- czk – only Thursday
550.- czk – only Saturday

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