Festival Mighty Sounds in Prague - The biggest Ska Punk Festival in Europe

The biggest Ska Punk Festival in Europe – Summer Ska Punk Explosion!

The idea of organising the Mighty Sounds festival was to create a summer party, which would connect music styles like ska, punk, rock´n´roll, hard core, reggae, indie or more independent forms of electronic music e.g. breakbeat, jungle or even more alternative streams of hip hop.

Altogether, Mighty Sounds 2008 has six stages – three live stages, two djs’ stages and the theatre chapitaux.

On live stages, there will be more than 100 bands from 14 countries of the world. Genres like ska, punk, reagge, dancehall, rock’n’roll and hard core, but the organizers do not hesitate when it comes to good guality hip hop or indie guitar music.

You will also be able to hear more than 100 djs on reproducted stages . First stage – Radio 1 stage is focused preferably on ska, reggae, dancehall, latino and during night jungle and breakbeat. Second one – SM stage has much wider range of music styles to offer – from soul over breakcore to heavy metal.

The theatre tent is a kind of peace oasis. Apart from theatre groups and performances, there will be lots of workshops, photo projections and unusual music groupings.
We have prepared:

The festival takes place from 18th to 20th June, in meadows in the south of the Czech Republic, very near to a little village called Olší u Opařan (ca 70 miles south of Prague).

More than 10.000 visitors crossed the gates of Mighty Sounds in 2007 year and at least the same turnout is expected in 2008. Approximately 500 artists from over 30 countries have performed at Mighty Sounds during the three years of its existence. For example Derrick Morgan (Jam), New York Ska Jazz Ensemble (USA), Desorden Publico (VEN), Karamelo Santo (ARG), Persiana Jones (IT), Mad Sin (D), The Peacocks (CH), Elvis Jackson (Slo), Hotknives (UK), Mark Foggo’s Skasters (NL/UK), Panteon Rococo (Mex), Skalariak (Basq), The Slackers (USA), the Hotknives (UK), Jesse James (UK) and many more.

There will be a whole range of mobile restaurants with wide choice from classical meat to vegetarian. Prices vary between 1 to 5 euros. 0,5 l of Gambrinus beer will cost 1.1 euro.

In case of any guestions you can ask our coordinators, who will be on the festival grounds, not far from the main stage. They will give you information about the programme, or any programme changes. Info stand also serves as “Lost and found office”. Which means you can put here found things or reclaim your own lost ones. Same as last year it will be possible to buy here drinking water 1,5 litre for 20 Czk (0,8 euro).

The dj stages will provide the spectators with tons of dancehall, reggae, rocksteady, ska, punk, rock’n’roll, metal, break beat, jungle, indeed rock, hardcore, electronic music and so on. Besides the music, there will be a lot of other possible activities, such as workshops, theatre performances, outdoor sports (football tournament, paintball etc.). Last but not the least, there will be a very broad choice of food and many thousands of litres of beer, which will cost only 70p. The production background of Mighty Sounds developed and improved over the years and will provide the visitors with absolute festival comfort.

The festival takes place in Olší u Opařan. Olsi­ is a small village about 15 km from a Southbohemian town of Tabor, around 100 km south from capital city Prague.

Accommodation – each visitor of the festival can build a tent at the camp site for free, or use services of surrounding hotels and boarding houses. Cars can be parked for all three days at a paid carpark for 100 czk (4 euros).

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