The Langhans Gallery (Langhans Galerie Praha)

Langhans Gallery – the library Situated in the award winning Langhans Palace – a newly rebuilt neo-renaissance house that has been dedicated to photography since 1880, the gallery can be considered a leading venue for photography exhibitions in Prague. The space presents both Czech and the contemporary world photography.

Langhans Gallery – a permanent exhibition of recovered negatives Walking through the gallery may become an experience of its own kind as you enter a neatly organized labyrinth of spaces and just observing how the daylight is let in is as rewarding as contemplating the displayed pictures.

Langhans Gallery – through the wall Beware of the library. Apart from the view of the neighbouring Franciscan Garden it offers a vast number of photography titles and just a cursory glance at all of them can take quite a while.

Address: Vodickova 37, Praha 1
Phone: +420 222929333, fax: +420 222929336
How to get there: Metro A Mustek
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 12 am to 6 pm
Admission: 60 CZK full, 30 CZK discount
GPS 50°4’53.67”N,14°25’29.58”E

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