Futura Gallery - The centre for contemporary art (Galerie Futura - Centrum pro soucasne umeni)

Futura Centre – in the cellar It doesn’t happen very often that after walking through a rather ordinary gateway of an even more ordinary apartment house you end up facing a space which is rather extraordinary.

Futura Centre – on the top of the labyrinth The Futura Centre is located in a precisely reconstructed factory and it is a non-profit organization focusing on presentation of both international and local contemporary art events.

Futura Centre – a white space You will not exactly stumble upon a rooting lathe but the space’s industrial past is still detectable. Your steps will lead through a narrow passage divided into cells, often occupied with bluish light of video projectors, to several separate spaces, including a perfectly dark projecting room with dangerously comfortable sofa, or even to a courtyard where you find yourself completely surrounded by the very audible life of the insides of the apartment houses.

The metal stairs connecting the spaces are also worth mentioning, as they sound like a sort of a minimalistic instrument once your soles come in touch with them.

Address: Holeckova 49, Praha 5
Phone: +420 251 511 804
How to get there: Metro B Andel, then tram 4,7,9,10 – U zvonu
Opening hours: Wed to Sun 11 am to 6 pm
Admission: free
GPS 50°4’25.31”N,14°23’39.44”E


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