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Contemporary Czech art faces two predominant problems: to overcome, in communication with the viewer, its prejudices regarding visual art and to achieve a meaningful confrontation with a world context. Czechs lethargically accepted a peripheral role when Europe was divided into East and West. The art market, which would have influenced events on the art scene and also played a role in making art accessible to the public at large, barely existed.

the gallery building Czech public finds it difficult to understand why contemporary artists have chosen forms of communication, which are so different from general perception of what art is. Much of society considers contemporary art to be incomprehensible, although it testifies to our times. Contemporary art is a potentially lucrative, albeit risky investment. Nonetheless, collectors have shown little interest in it.

The gallery’s fundamental aim is to seek a relationship between art and the public at large. The search for a new responsibility in artists’ relation to the world. Vaclava Spaly Gallery wants to create exhibitions that bring together the most varied areas of our life. The information chaos of this world does not answer our questions. We can, however, pose such questions through art, by which we can grasp seemingly antithetical situations, such as the world of ideals and consumption, personal life and politics, and art and advertising.

Spalova Gallery hopes to gain greater respect for visual art – to truly integrate to a civilisation of culture and renew Prague’s cultural reputation. They want to professionally operate an art system that has lost its reverence and topicality in our country.

Vaclav Spala wants to recover its former prestige through an interesting programme and other activities. It will also offer exhibitions of renowned foreign artists who belong to our metropolis. We need to take a step away from the periphery toward the centre!

The gallery is located in the very centre of Prague on one of the main avenues. It is on the area of 313 m2 on three floors. There is a giant show window opening up to the street that provides passers-by with a clear view inside.

Address: Narodni 30, Prague 1

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