La Femme Gallery (Galerie La Femme)

La Femme Gallery – above the entrance The French say “Cherchez La Femme” which may be close to “Seek the woman”. Once the electronic bell lets everybody know you have stepped over the threshold of the space, you realize there is no need to “cherchez” any further. The two rooms belonging to the gallery are full to the brim with “woman as an eternal inspiration”as it is stated in the gallery’s prospectus. Women portrayed on canvases, paper, women made of clay, all created by brushes, pencils and chisels of artists well known or at the beginning of their career.

Surrounded by seemingly countless art objects, there is also a little, but well supplied bookcase. Among the satisfying range of art related titles you can find a book of drawings by the acclaimed Czech cartoonist Jiri Sliva. There is a piece by him depicting an ageing scholar of a very serious appearance wearing a nice white bra. Placed in the space connecting the two display rooms, the drawing might be considered a “borderline landmark”. It is titled “Hermafreud”. Check for yourself.

The gallery holds regular exhibitions and it also initiates the creation of some of the displayed works by assigning homework to selected artists. The first exhibition of such “homework” was called “A tribute to one photograph”with contribution of 60 artists.

Address: Bilkova 2, Praha 1
Phone: +420 224812656
How to get there: Metro A Staromestska, tram 17 Právnická fakulta
Opening hours: Daily 10 am to 6 pm
GPS 50°5’26.61”N,14°25’8.1”E

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