The Czech Museum of Fine Arts (Ceske muzeum vytvarnych umeni)

Czech Museum of Fine Arts – the entrance Residing in a medieval house at the crossroads of ancient routes in the Prague municipal reserve, the Czech Museum of Fine Arts’ venue for temporary exhibitions offers a unique opportunity to see contemporary art shows in an environment which absorbed the history of almost nine centuries.

Czech Museum of Fine Arts - the cellar Apart from decoding various messages of the displayed objects it is very likely you may get some time travel experience as well. The house was adapted to a gallery in 1971 in a very sensitive way allowing the past to step out of the layer of present time structures. Emerging out of the wall there is a genuine gothic arch, dominating one of the gallery’s interior.

To enjoy the total impact of the house’s ancient soul it is possible to enter the cellar. Back in the 12th century, it used to be a fortified residence regularly flooded by the then untamed Vltava river. It has only been four years since the river paid its visit again during the flood in 2002.

Address: Husova 19 – 21 Praha – Stare Mesto
Phone: +420 222 220 218, fax +420 222 221 190
How to get there: Metro B Narodni trida or A Staromestska
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 10 am to 6 pm
Admission: 50 CZK full, 20 CZK discount
GPS 50°5’9.18”N,14°25’4.67”E

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