The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera)

Fragner Gallery – the exhibition space The Jaroslav Fragner gallery focuses on architecture where the aim is to present profiles of important individuals or groups from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The gallery is located right next to the famous Bethlehem Chapel which was rebuilt according to a project by Jaroslav Fragner during the years 1949 -1953.

The feel of space in the venue’s main exhibition hall is quite unavoidable, as the beautiful wooden vault overlooks the visitors from a considerable height.

Fragner Gallery – on your way to the show Once done with the exhibition, it is possible to submerge into a wine room in the cellar or stop at the well supplied bookshop which offers a wide range of titles on architecture, design, advertising, fine art and many other fields.

Address: Betlemske namesti 5a, Praha – Stare Mesto
Phone: +420 222222157, fax: +420 222221746
How to get there: Metro B Narodni trida
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 10 am to 6 pm
Admission: 40 CZK full, 20 CZK discount
GPS Loc: 50°5’4.14”N,14°25’4.44”E

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