The New Hall (Nova sin)

The simplistic front door at 3 Vorsilska may make you feel more like entering a very local police station than an exhibition space. The better is the contrast when walking in the main hall of the Nová Sín gallery. The light refined through a ceiling made of mat glass panels will treat you with the same affection as the exhibits. In fact, there is absolutely no need for artificial light during spring and summer months.

The arched space of the second exhibition room will remind you that despite the modernist atmosphere of the main space, you are as well visiting convent premises where the gallery is located – in this case the nunnery of Saint Ursula.

Address: Vorsilska 3, Praha 1
Phone: +420 224 930 255
How to get there: Metro B Narodni trida, Tram 9,22,23,18 Národní divadlo
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 11 am to 6 pm
Admission: 20 CZK full, 10 CZK discount
GPS 50°4’50.61”N,14°25’0.01”E

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