Meet Factory

Meet Factory is a vast industrial building turned into an artists’ studio by David Cerny, a Czech sculptor whose bursts of creativity are often non-conformist, sometimes illegal, but in any case they form a part of Prague cultural consciousness.

In the former building of Czech Railways, placed between a track and a flyover, David Cerny built an international, multifunctional cultural centre, the first really international art centre Meet factory. His ambitious plan was realized in 2006 with the idea of operating gallery, atelier, recording and broadcasting studio, café, music club, theatre and publishing house, and so far, everything works more or less as intended.

Residential centres as such are generally quite popular Europe, from the side of visitors and artists alike, the later are given backup and possibility of stay, visitors enjoy being in contact with various forms of contemporary art in from the moment of its creation, watching the artists at work.

Factory as a residential space, with its minimalistic architecture, non-conformist atmosphere, various similarly tuned-up producers, experiments with technique, creation as well as production is a favorite space for such centres. What do such factories product? In the famous The Factory in New York origins Warhol scenographics, films of Paul Morris, music of Velvet Underground, but also the business brought manners of celebrities and million earnings, it is an earning enterprise connected to the world of media, mode and advertisement. Is it going to work on Meet Factory? After one year it managed to be a superstudio of Designblok, which speaks for itself, still, it is too soon to judge.

Meet Factory exists like an independent art station, a zone which is at the same time opened to meetings in the artcafé and in the nightclub with concerts and djs.

Meet Factory – ateliers and housing for artists, concert hall, recording studio, regular studios, café, bookshop, huge gallery… those are only the most visible things possible in the place.

Meet Factory address:
Ke sklarne 15, Prague 5, 150 00

Metro: Smichovske Nadrazi (line B)

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