St George's Convent at Prague Castle

St George’s Convent is the oldest convent in Bohemia. It was founded near the Old Royal Palace in 973 by Prince Boleslav II and his sister Mlada and given to the Benedictines.
St George’s Convent can be found between St George’s Basilica, one of the most significant Romanesque building, Jirska street and nothern side of Prague Castle‿s fortification.

Boleslav II was 12 years old when he asked his sister Mlada to go to Rome and persuade the Pope about the necessity of bishopric in Bohemia. Mlada, a beautiful girl, went to Rome with several proficient diplomats and came back with the permission to found the bishopric a convent. Later she became the first abbess of the convent.

The convent had a privilege position in the country. Girls from noble families went there to get the best education. The abbesses of the convent were members of royal families. Together with the Prague’s archbishop they could crown Bohemian queens.

The convent was abolished in 1782. The front part of the convent was converted into the houses of priests, the back one into barracks. Today it houses the National Gallery’s collection of Bohemian Baroque art. If you want to know more about the exhibitions in St George’s Convent, go to the Gallery section. Convent of St George is now included in Prague Castle Long Tour.

Prague Castle, Jirske namesti 33

How to get there:
If you go by metro, get off at Hradcanska or Malostranska and then walk about 10 minutes up steep steps. If you take tram (22, 23), get off at Prazsky hrad.

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