St George Convent

St George Basilica facade St George’s Convent contains the National Gallery of old art collections, that is Czech Baroque painting of the 17th and 18th century, including Mannerism artists of the court of Rudolf II.

Address: Jiřské náměstí 33, Prague 1
Phone: +420 257 531 644,+420 257 530 543,+420 257 535 829-30
How to get there: Metro green line A to Malostranská station, Trams No. 12, 18, 22 or 23 to Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)
Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm, closed on Mondays

  • Full ticket: 100 CZK
  • Reduced ticket 50 CZK
  • Family ticket 150 CZK


  • Bohemian Art from the Era of Emperor Rudolf II to the End of Baroque.
    Czech baroque artists and their workshops.
  • Art in the Rudolfinian period: H. von Aachen, B. Spranger, A. de Vries.
  • Baroque Art: K. Skréta, F. M. Brokof, M. B. Braun, P. Brandl, J. Kupecký, V. V. Reiner, A. Kern, N. Grund.

The Bohemian Art from the Emperor Rudolf II to the End of Baroque permanent exhibition has expanded. It now includes two important works by Jan Jakub Hartmann: Woodland Landscape with Figures, Fish and Ships (Water Allegory) and Woodland Landscape with Figures and Ships (Earth Allegory)

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