Mirror Labyrinth on Petrin Hill (Bludiste)

Late winter The Mirror Labyrinth is a very interesting building, something like a miniature Castle and it is situated on the Petrin Hill, next to the Petrin Tower (miniature Eiffel Tower). It is a remaining of the Former Prague Exhibition Grounds from 1891 and the interesting thing about it is that the wooden construction imitates the Gothic part of the fortification in Vysehrad.

Just before the hall with distorting mirrors there is a diorama of a scene from the 30 Years’ War, when the Czech resisted the Swedes invasion on the Charles Bridge in 1648.
Anyway, getting back to the initial theme, the Mirror Maze, we are sure that even though it is not huge, the hall with distorting mirrors will certainly catch your attention.
Wanderful autumn colours

Opening hours:

January – March 10 – 17 Saturday, Sunday
1. April – September 10 – 19 daily
May – August 10 – 22 daily
October 10 – 18 daily

Entrance fee:

  • 50 CZK for an adult,
  • 40 CZK for students under 26, retired under 70 years, children older than 10
  • 10 CZK for retired older than 70, children under 10 years accompanied by a teacher or other adult.

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